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Oroku Hiroto is the main antagonist of the 2020-2022 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin comic book miniseries, written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz. He is the son of Karai and the grandson of the Shredder, who by 2040, rules New York City with an iron fist in an authoritarian rule, serving as the new leader of the Foot Clan. When he becomes aware that Michelangelo, the sole surviving Ninja Turtles, is still alive, he focuses on hunting him down to finally get rid of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



Years before the events of TMNT: The Last Ronin, Oroku Hiroto was born to Karai, daughter of the Foot Clan leader Shredder, and an unnamed man. Hiroto was possibly conceived out of wedlock, given that he was referred as the "bastard son" of Karai. However, Karai abandoned Hiroto as a child, leading Hiroto to greatly resent her.

By 2024, when Hiroto was already a trained warrior, his mother led the Foot Clan against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One day, Hiroto apparently convinced Splinter to make a truce with the Foot Clan, but this was a lie which led the Turtles to be attacked by Karai. The attack was successful and the Turtles returned with a wounded Splinter to Casey Jones' and April O'Neill's apartment, which was shortly blown up afterwards by the Foot Clan. Furious, Raphael went to confront Karai, but was killed by her. Despite this, Karai was possibly hurt in her fight, and was forced into a comatose state.

Sometime afterwards, Hiroto became a samurai and took up the mantle set by his mother and grandfather. Later on, Leonardo and Casey were accidentally killed by an explosion Honeycutt caused to prevent Baxter Stockman from taking him. After this, Splinter and Donatello traveled to Japan to make a truce with Hiroto, who sent his Ambassador Hara in his stead. However, the "peace talk" ended up being yet another ambush, which led to a battle between Clan Hamato and the Foot Clan once Hiroto arrived. Though Clam Hamato defended themselves successfully, Splinter and Donatello were killed by Hiroto's archers. Hiroto, while injured by Splinter, survived his wound and escaped with his remaining ninjas.

Only Michelangelo, the remaining Turtle sibling, managed to survive Hiroto's mutant massacre. Despite not accompanying his brothers in their failed attempts to get back at Clan Oroku, Michelangelo traveled to Japan in hopes of seeing Splinter and Donatello again only to learn from Shinichiro, the Hamato Village's elder, about their fates. Senseiless, Michelangelo became a ronin, and set himself to eventually avenge his adoptive father and brothers.

Eventually, Hiroto went to become the tyrannical and ruthless de facto ruler of New York City, separating it into three districts and establishing the Foot Clan as its law enforcement. His law enforcement was composed of cyborgs, who were controlled by Stockman, who set up his own fortress in Roosevelt Island. Believing Michelangelo to be dead, Hiroto ruled the city with an iron fist. In addition, Oroku had his comatose mother Karai stored inside a coffin in his office out of spite, wanting to keep her in that state to get back at her for abandoning him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin

In 2040, Oroku Hiroto's reign of terror is suddenly threatened by the return of Michelangelo, the Last Ronin, to New York City, determined to kill him to avenge the loss of his siblings and Splinter. To do so, Mikey first destroys the security cameras before causing an explosion to get into Oroku's stronhold, killing some of his henchmen and causing mayhem wherever he goes at the Middle District. Alerted of Mikey's disturbance by Captain Ikusa, Oroku authorizes giving a general alarm and using lethal force if needed, requesting Ikusa to broadcast the whole operation through their officers so all citizens can see Mikey's capture and execution. Mikey succeeds in making it into the lower level of Hiroto's tower, destroying a police vehicle and slaughtering more Foot officers, allowing Oroku to spot Mikey, who taunts him, which leads Oroku to discover that there's still a remaining Ninja Turtle and calling up all the Foot officers to come to his tower and prevent Michelangelo from reaching him.

Michelangelo finally reaches Oroku's room but before he can break into it, Oroku summons flying mousers and one large cycloptic robot with Mouser heads as hands from "Stockman tech" to prevent him from entering his office, knocking Mikey off of the window and failing his mission. Oroku's henchmen are then instructed to disperse the area to track down and eliminate Mikey, but they are tricked by a woman named Jones (who is secretly Casey Marie Jones, the daughter of April O'Neil and the late Casey Jones) into searching Mikey in another place. Meanwhile, surrounded by his crows, Oroku gloats at Mikey's failure and assures his comatose mother that they share the glory for getting rid of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before Captain Ikusa comes and notifies Oroku that Mikey escaped.

One day later after Mikey's attack, Oroku is training with some of the Foot Clan members, inciting them into fight him to death. When one member succeeds in striking him, Oroku congratulates him but hits him and then slashes his throat with a knife, concluding the training session and asking his henchmen to remove the corpse. He then asks his newly-ascended Captain Fucuda about Michelangelo's whereabouts, to which Captain Fucuda confirms that they are still searching for him, leading Oroku to tell him about back when the Turtles were four before warning Fucuda to not fail him anymore or he will have him killed like his predecessor, revealing to have killed Captain Ikusa by putting his head in a pike and letting his crows eat it. Unknown to Hiroto, Michelangelo is hiding with April O'Neil and Casey Marie Jones, who want him to lead a resistance movement to overthrow Hiroto.

Sometime afterwards, after Michelangelo, April O'Neil, Casey Marie Jones and the resistance fighters kill Stockman and destroy his fortress, all of Hiroto's defenses were powered down by Honeycutt's nanomachines, much to his anger. Unaware of Stockman's fate, Hiroto demanded an immediate audience with Stockman, while he prepared himself for a final showdown with the Last Ronin.

Following the failure of his officers to contact Stockman, Hiroto grabs one of them from the throat and threatens him, worried that, if the city's population learns that Stockman is gone, then they will be able to break into his headquarters. With no options left, Hiroto orders his officer to put all his soldiers to protect the level where they are in and to stop the rebels before demanding his armor so he can kill Michelangelo personally. Michelangelo finally reaches Hiroto after killing a big samurai of his, asking Hiroto to face him like a man. Hiroto appears with his armor and prepares himself to fight Mikey. Before that, Mikey threatens to kill Karai to get back at him for killing his brothers, but Hiroto tells him the truth about his hatred for Karai and proceeds to break her coffin with two blades, killing her. Hiroto then engages Mikey in combat while the building catches fire.

During the fight, Michelangelo realizes that Hiroto can't be hurt due to wearing a nano-carbide armor, which he can make solid to strike with his blades and fists. Mikey thus throws himself and Hiroto through a window, landing in one of the building's roofs. They go through different levels with Hiroto barely getting hurt until they land into the pool of the building's water tower, where the Last Ronin realizes that Hiroto's armor can self-repair. Hiroto proceeds to viciously cut Mikey with his blades, mocking him about where his bravado has gone. With no time to lose, Mikey realizes that he needs to create a weak spot on Hiroto's armor by using a smoke bomb to stab Hiroto's hand in honor of Raphael, damaging his armor's protection. Mickey then stabs Hiroto with a katana and kicks it deep into his torso in honor of Leonardo. Apparently defeated, Hiroto proclaims defeat and bows to the Last Ronin as Michelango takes a manhole to bludgeon him to death, assuring that this is gonna be the end of their fight. However, Hiroto surprisingly slashes him with a hidden blade and proclaims that the ending is his. However, Mickey throws one stick to Hiroto's face in honor of Donatello and escapes into the sewers.

Hiroto follows the Last Ronin into the sewers, taunting him for running away. Michelango taunts him back and hits him with nunchucks before they are washed away from the sewers into a dam. As they recover, Hiroto warns Mikey that he will not survive, but Mikey punches him while saying that he knows that, but that he will ensure to take Hiroto with him. Hiroto refuses to accept his defeat and activates a defense mechanism within his armor to electrocute himself and Mikey, causing an explosion upon sinking into the dam's waters that knocks them away separately, which kills Hiroto, allowing Mikey to avenge the deaths of his master, brothers and all the people Hiroto killed.

Michelangelo succums to his injuries shortly afterwards, but he doesn't pass away until Casey gets to hear his final lesson while April comes to witness the death of her friend, allowing Mikey to die surrounded by his loved ones before joining his family in the afterlife, unlike Hiroto, who died with no one by his side. In the epilogue, it's shown that Casey has started raising four turtles, implying that she will mutate them into Ninja Turtles to ensure New York City will be protected from people like Hiroto in the future.


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