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I won't tell anyone. You can trust me.
~ The little girl promises to never tell Tomoo about Kaede's puppy.

The Orphanage Little Girl is a minor but pivotal character in the manga and anime Elfen Lied. Her actions, and the reasons behind them, remain a deeply divisive matter of debate: she was either a victim of circumstance, or a fake friend whose betrayal served as the final push in creating a monstrous killer.

She is voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Allison Sumrall in the English dubbed version of the anime.


While the Orphanage Little Girl did appear to be a friendly, polite, generous and sweet little girl, who was willing to share her food and help Lucy feed the puppy it is possible that this was just a façade to hide a more treacherous nature. Though whether this girl was truly a traitor is unconfirmed.

To this day, it remains unknown whether this girl was just loose-lipped or wanted to aid Tomoo in psychologically breaking Lucy by killing her puppy. It's entirely possible that this girl did reveal the puppy's existence with bullyish intent, but didn't expect Tomoo's treatment to be so vicious. Her "smile" could have also likely been a hallucination from a distraught Lucy.

Regardless of the truth, being a suspected perpetrator was enough for Lucy to unleash her vectors and horrifically kill the girl alongside Tomoo and his cronies.


This girl wears a dark blue short and orange dungarees.


It is not clear if this little girl was abandoned as a newborn or if she was sent to the orphanage after her parents died.

While her origins are largely unknown, she is first shown befriending Lucy by protecting and aiding her against Tomoo and his henchboys. Lucy at first resisted her offer of friendship, her alienation already begun. Lucy had kept a secret from all at the orphanage. In the grounds just outside the building, she had been feeding a stray puppy, and it became the only thing whose life she cared for.

She later realized she did not have enough food for the growing dog, and thus went to the little girl for help out of necessity. The little girl made a promise to Lucy not to tell anyone (especially Tomoo) about the puppy, knowing full well that if she did, the puppy would most likely be tortured as well. For reasons that are not clear, the little girl told Tomoo and the bullies about the puppy. Possible reasons range from (at best) her being tricked into revealing the secret to that she was loose-lipped to (at worst) her entire offer of friendship being a deception meant to gain and then betray Lucy's trust and confidence.

As the little girl enters in the canteen, she is shocked to see Tomoo about to kill the puppy while the latter and his gang forcing Lucy to watch, and though she begs them to stop, the puppy soon dies from it's injuries. The little girl admits she was the one who told them, but her dialogue is ambiguous as to why she did this. The little girl then seemingly confirmed her betrayal by sporting an enigmatic grin. Again, the reason for this smile is unclear: It could have revealed her deliberate betrayal, it could have been a nervous smile brought on by tension, or even could have been a hallucination on the part of a despondent Lucy.

Although her exact reasons remain a mystery it should be noted that her dialogue and the response from the bullies indicate that she acted alone. When the girl revealed the existence of the puppy she responded that she knew Tomoo and the other bullies would torture the puppy just to torment Lucy. Also, as the orphan little girl seemingly intervened to stop the bullies from harming the puppy further, Tomoo points out that she was the one to reveal the puppy’s existence. The bullies confusion as to why the little girl would stop their “fun” when she came to them with the information likely means that she was not loose lipped or forced but had told them willingly. This would also indicate that she wasn’t working with the bullies but had planned this manipulation herself and the bullies were just her pawns.

Lucy, enraged by this, unleashes her telekinetic vectors for the first time, killing everyone in the canteen by attacking and destroying them with said vectors. The exact manner of the little girl's death is unclear from the scene. In later sequences, she is seen as a hallucination in Lucy's mind, tormenting her and showing a hole blown in her face.



  • Because of her actions that caused the puppy's death and Lucy's depression, the Orphanage Little Girl became one of the most hated characters in this series by fans. In fact, many believe that she really did betray Lucy on purpose, thus being nicknamed "Traitor Little Girl".
  • There are many theories about the Orphanage Little Girl's reasons for revealing the puppy's existence to Tomoo. It's felt that she could have been loose-lipped, been tricked into it or she could have only pretended to befriend Lucy so that she and the bullies could torment her even more.
  • The Orphanage Little Girl's enigmatic grin still remains a mystery, and it is unknown whether if the smile is real or just a hallucination by Lucy. The grin appears in both versions of the series. Even so, it's unknown whether the girl was smiling evilly or if she just smiled nervously. Thus, it can't be determined whether her smile counts as an Evil Grin.
  • The Orphanage Little Girl is only a villain if she had a grim reason for her actions, which would turn her into a true villain. Evidence exists supporting both ways, her remorse, for example, could have been faked to set up future cruelty. The answer is simply not known for certain, because she was killed before more proof could be found.


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