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Let's do some huntin'!
~ Orval on hunting down Rambo.

Orval Kellerman is a supporting antagonist in the 1982 film First Blood. He is an old friend of Will Teasle and dog trainer.

He was portrayed by the late John McLiam.


Following John Rambo's breakdown after suffering the abuse by the hands of Art Galt and several deputies at the Ligget County Sheriff Department, Orval was called in by Teasle to bring in three of his Dobermans to hunt down Rambo. He later aided Teasle, Ward, Shingleton, Balford, and Mitch during a forest manhunt on Rambo following Galt's death. Despite learning that Rambo is a Green Beret not to be messed with, Orval supported Teasle's intent in his pursuit of Rambo.

However, each of Teasle's men end up being ambushed by Rambo. Orval ends up being shot on the leg by Rambo, so he sets loose his Dobermans to attack Rambo. However, Rambo is forced to shoot down the first two dogs while using his dagger to strike down the third dog in self-defense, much to Orval's distraught. Mourning over the loss of his dogs, Orval angrily tells Teasle to take down Rambo, but they all failed. Eventually, Teasle was able to have Orval and the others sent to the hospital for their injuries.

It is unknown what happened to Orval afterwards.


  • In the novel which the film was based on, Orval was portrayed as Teasle's foster father and was killed by Rambo, which triggered Teasle's intent to hunt down Rambo at all costs.


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