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Orvax Marius is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2018 superhero film Aquaman. He was the former King of Atlantis who was married to Atlanna and is the father/predecessor of Orm Marius/Ocean Master.


Orvax Marius was an Atlantean king who was betrothed to Queen Atlanna of Atlantis, even though she did not love him. When Atlanna escaped from Atlantis in order to escape the arranged marriage, Orvax had sent Men-of-War soldiers to hunt her down and bring her back to Atlantis. Years later, the Men-of-War soldiers under the orders of King Orvax found Atlanna at the Curry Lighthouse and demanded that she would go back to him and marry him or they would kill her and Thomas Curry. After she defeated them, Atlanna decided to back to Atlantis and marry Orvax in order to keep them safe from him. After they married, they had a child, Orm Marius, whom Orvax had trained to be next king of Atlantis like him. He also told Orm about his hatred of the surface world and how they constantly pollute their seas and kill their own.

Orvax also had a trident which was claimed to have never known defeat that he would later pass down to Orm. Sometime later, Orvax found out that Atlanna had a half-breed child named Arthur with Thomas Curry, he was then overwhelmed with jealousy and anger, so sentenced her to death by the Trench. Orvax had always told Orm about how Atlanna betrayed Atlantis by having a child with a surface dweller, which had affected Orm greatly. Sometime later, Orvax had died of unknown causes and Orm became king of the Atlantis and Orm would also later inherit his hatred of surface dwellers.




  • Men-of-War
  • Nuidis Vulko - Advisor



  • In the comics, Orvax Marius was an unstable fleet Captain for the Men-of-War and the former King of Atlantis. He is Atlanna's ex-husband and the father of Orm and Tula. He was killed by Atlanna for years of abuse on top of lying about how he killed Aquaman and Thomas Curry when she tried to dump him.
  • It was implied in the movie that he was abusive towards Atlanna and Orm, even though Orm still has respect for him.


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