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Oh, yeah, loo-look who's ... snickering over there. Mr. "I-I can't do a suicide bombing because I'm sick." He had a... he had a note... he had a note from his doctor. He brought a note from his doctor. It's a suicide bombing!
~ Osama Bin Laden
I accept Jesus as my lord and savior
~ Osama before getting shot in Mom's the Word

Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden, better known as Osama Bin Laden, is an Islamic extremist who is directly responsible for causing 9/11 and a recurring antagonist in Family Guy, most notably in the episode "PTV".

He was voiced by John Viener.


In the uncensored version of "Road to Rhode Island", Osama Bin Laden was shown at the airport, singing the song, "God, I Hope I Get It", as he was waiting to get past security. This gag is cut from most television airings.

In "PTV", Osama Bin Laden recorded a terrorist threat video with the help of his crew. However, Osama mispronounced "Ramadan" and started laughing, which got his whole crew laughing too. Osama had trouble controlling his laughter for the rest of the takes as he kept finding stuff funny and laughing with his friends. Osama blamed a random guy behind the set for distracting him with making funny faces and good-naturedly demanded he turn around. Osama thought it would be a funny idea if he did his entire threat video, holding a rubber chicken and wearing oversized party glasses as a joke and then acted all serious. Osama referenced to an 80's movie and asked if anyone got the reference. The only person who got the reference was Stewie Griffin, who was in disguise as a terrorist so he could infiltrate their secret hideout and attack Osama Bin Laden. Stewie beat down all of Osama's crewmates and then fought Osama with the rubber chicken, while Osama used the sword. Osama tried to cut Stewie but he just slit open the rubber chicken and Stewie used the chicken to put over Osama's head and suffocate him before he escaped.

In "Mom's the Word", a cutaway gag featured Osama getting discovered by Seal Team Six. Just before getting shot, Osama converted to Christianity, allowing him to Heaven when he died, even though he was evil.

In "Inside Family Guy", a cutaway gag showed that Seal Team Six used The Petercopter to go to Osama Bin Laden's secret lair. Osama was a fan of Family Guy, so he ran out of his secret lair and jumped around in front of the Petercopter, shouting out to it to get its attention. This, of course, made him a sitting duck, allowing for him to get shot dead by Seal Team Six.


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