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My life is just as amazing as yours now! For once! And if you don't like it, f*** you!
~ Oscar angry at Gloria for standing up to him.
Every morning you aren't here... This happens...
~ Oscar revealing his true plan with the Colossal Form.

Oscar is the main antagonist of 2017 black comedy film Colossal. He is the childhood friend of Gloria turned enemy.

He is portrayed by Jason Sudeikis.


Oscar got reunited with Gloria the moment she was forced to move back to her Middle American hometown due to her boyfriend, Tim, breaking up with her from the fact that he was unable to tolerate her alcoholism anymore. Since then, he offered her a job as a waitress from his bar which was formerly owned by his later father.

However, working with Oscar doesn't help Gloria with her alcohol problem. After each shift, she joins Oscar and his friends, Garth and Joel, into hanging out and drinking until morning.

When Gloria discovered that she manifested a giant monster avatar by the playground at 8:05 in the morning, she revealed her secret to Oscar and his friends. When Oscar approached her, this manifested a giant robot to appear in South Korea. Unlike Gloria, who seemed to regretful in the destruction she unknowingly caused, Oscar seems to be attempting to use his avatar for his own personal gain.

He is killed in the end when Gloria went to South Korea where she can use her avatar to throw him far away from the playground. This also tosses the robot into the sky.


At first, he is gentle, calm and funny. He seems to like Gloria, though he always seems to ignore his true feelings by choosing not to say anything. Throughout the film, he begins to present an evil and vindictive personality. So much that it threatens Gloria and is aggressive without seeming to feel remorse and it amuses itself with its actions with a black humor. Just before Gloria throws him to his end, he begs not to be killed while crying. One could say that he still has emotions.

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