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Osira is the main antagonist of the indie RPG videogame Legend of Queen Opala and she also appears on its sequels. She has magical powers that are fueled by monster semen, which she obtained by forming a pact with the Serpent God.


Born into royalty in ancient Egypt, she is the evil sister of Queen Opala and daughter of Farah. She is envious of Opala, who assumed the throne instead of her after their father's death. She tries to assassinate Opala but is impeded by Opala's pet Sebastillion, who clawed at her face, leaving her iconic scars. After those events, she flees Egypt and forms her own evil realm with giant sentient lizards, where she discusses her plan to invade Opala's kingdom and defeat it to fulfill her revenge.

Possible Fates

In the first game, the player may choose to ally with either Opala (good) or Osira (evil). If the player chooses to join Osira, they can later betray her by not being loyal to her in one of her missions. In total, the game has 5 different endings: 3 in which Osira is defeated, and 2 in which she is successful.