Osmund Saddler is the leader of the Los Illuminados Cult and the main villain of Resident Evil 4.


Some time before the year 2004, Saddler convinced Ramon Salazar to open the seal that had been placed on the Las Plagas parasites that had been sealed by his ancestor. They hired workers from the nearby village to mine the parasites, which had been fossilized and seemed dead. However the spores from the fossil still lived and when the miners breathed them in, Las Plagas developed within them many years later. Since then Saddler was able to infect people with the parasite by injecting them in egg form into the people, using this to turn all the villagers into his mindless cultists. He also injected himself with a Master Plaga, so that he could mentally control the cultists. Saddler then set out to take control of the world with his parasites and when Jack Krauser, brought him the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley Graham, a plan began forming in his mind. He planned to infect her with one of the parasites, then send her back to her father for a ransom, so that she would infect the president as well, putting the U.S. under Saddler's control. However Leon S. Kennedy was sent into retrieve Ashley and managed to get into the Los Illuminados' church, where he freed Ashley. It was then that Saddler showed himself and explained his plan to Leon, before having some of his cultists attack them though they escaped. Later, when Luis Sera, one of Saddler's researchers, tried to gave the agent a Master Plaga sample, the cult leader appeared and killed him, then took the sample,, though Luis did give Leon a pill to suppress the parasite's control. Saddler appeared before Ashley and Leon a number of times, using his powers to control their increasingly Plagas infected bodies. He later sent Jack Krauser to try and Leon, but didn't fully trust him and only wanted a way to be rid of him. After Ashley was recaptured, Saddler brought her to an island full of parasite controlled mercenaries, with Leon hot on his trail. When the agent tried to rescue Ashley, the cult leader used his powers to control his body, but Ada managed to distract Saddler long enough for Leon and Ashley to get away and use a device to remove the Plagas from their systems. The agent then confronted Saddler for the final time on a platform above the island, who attempted to control him again but Leon revealed that that wouldn't work anymore. The cult-leader mutated into an enormous spider-like monstrosity and battled Leon, but was destroyed with a rocket launcher that Ada gave him, brining an end to the Los Illuminados.


RE4 Saddler Monster

Saddler in his mutated form

Due to the Master Plaga in his system, Saddler is able to mentally control anyone infected with a Las Plaga parasite. It also mutates him to grant him superhuman abilities, as seen when Ada shot him, only for him to move the bullets through his body and eject them from his hand. In his mutated form, Saddler is able to deliver extremely powerful strikes and is strong enough to pick up and throw steel girders, however the eyes on his body serve as weak points of sorts.


  • Saddler is the only Plagas carrier not to have red eyes, a characteristic of all others infected with the parasite. However this may be because he is the only carrier of a Master Plaga.
  • His staff may be part of his Plaga infection, since it is organic in nature, fleshy with moving tendrils, and when he mutates, it becomes a tentacle that replaces his right hand.
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