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Turns out your dear mum found out what your daddy was up to. Threatened to turn him in, she did. Now, you can imagine, Hill wasn't too keen on that idea, so he slid a few dollars Joe Chill's way and… well, you saw the rest of it, mate.
~ Oswald revealing to Bruce that Hill was behind the deaths of his parents because he didn't want to be exposed. (determinant)
Your father locked my mum in Arkham Asylum... to steal our fortune! He drove my own dad to suicide! The Waynes caused the ruin of my entire bloody family.
~ The Penguin to Bruce at Cobblepot Park. (determinant)

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Two-Face) of Season One of the 2016 video game Batman: The Telltale Series. He is also a mentioned antagonist in the game's 2017 sequel Season Two, titled Batman: The Enemy Within. He is Bruce Wayne's childhood best friend who turns out to be the second-in-command of a criminal organization called the Children of Arkham.

He was voiced by Jason Spisak, who also played Jason Dante in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Deag Ranak in Doom Eternal, Skizzo in Days Gone, and Scorpion in Marvel's Spider Man.


Episode One: Realm of Shadows

Oswald Cobblepot was first seen at Wayne Manor for District Attorney Harvey Dent's mayoral campaign fundraiser hosted by his childhood friend Bruce Wayne. Oswald passed a slip to Alfred Pennyworth to give to Bruce to meet him at Cobblepot Park. Out of respect for his old friend, Bruce decided to meet Oswald.

Oswald arrived in the park as two thugs attempted to mug Bruce, and together, Oswald and the latter drove the thugs out of the park. Oswald then spoke to Bruce for the first time in two decades. After complaining about the state of the park, the two spoke about Oswald's life after the loss of both the latter's own parents and the Cobblepot fortune. Before leaving, Oswald spoke of a "revolution" in Gotham and subtly warned Bruce to know which side he is on when it starts.

Episode Two: Children of Arkham

By manipulating GCPD Sergeant Renee Montoya with the drug stolen from the docks, Oswald forces her to kill crime boss Carmine Falcone who is being held at the GCPD precinct. Bruce, who is present as well, realizes that Montoya is not acting on her own. He finds an injection mark on her neck and she tells him that she was drugged by someone. After listening to her testimony, Bruce realizes that the person who drugged Montoya must have been Cobblepot and tracks him down by triangulating his cellphone signal.

He finds out that Oswald is located at the Skyline Club, which is now empty as a result of Batman's battle with Falcone. There, he finds Oswald and some of his men looting the tower. He also has one of Falcone's men as a hostage. Batman breaks into Falcone's office, where he confronts Oswald and his men. Oswald freely admits that he is responsible for the death of Falcone. Oswald claims that Falcone deserved to die and that vermin like Falcone has to be stomped out. He also claims that the rest of the corrupt people, like Bruce Wayne and Mayor Hamilton Hill, have to be "cut out" in order for the people to be able to breathe. Oswald claims that he and his men have big plans for Gotham. He is interrupted by a henchman who tells him that his men located Selina Kyle. When Batman asks what he plans do do with her, Oswald claims that they had a deal with her and that she did not make good on her part and will thus be punished accordingly. He then leaves the room with most of his men, leaving it to Batman to fight his lieutenant Blockbuster.

To protect Selina, Bruce meets up with her and warns her. Although she does not recognize the name Oswald Cobblepot, she does recognize the name Penguin and is clearly afraid. She reveals that Penguin is far more dangerous than Bruce thinks. They are interrupted by some of Penguin's henchmen who arrive at the bar, planning to kill or hurt Selina. They are fended off and defeated by combined efforts of Bruce and Selina. From one of the henchmen's cellphones, Bruce realizes that Mayor Hill seems to be working with Penguin and that he will likely take a shot at Bruce next.

Penguin and a group of mercenaries attack the mayoral debate between Harvey and Hill at the Monarch Theatre (renamed the Wayne Memorial Auditorium). After they silently kill the police officers behind the stage, Penguin appears on the stage and shoots the moderator in the head, killing him. He then chooses a person from the hostages he took backstage, Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale, and forces her to act as the new moderator. He then forces the people in the audience to continue the debate as if nothing has happened. Harvey also pleads with Penguin to release the hostages, and Penguin claims that he will consider it if Harvey and Hill play along. When the debate continues, Penguin forces the two contenders to tell the truth, claiming that it will hurt but it will hurt more if they lie. After a moment, Penguin grabs the camera to play a tape containing a message of "his sponsor". The tape contains video footage of a masked man who tells the citizens of Gotham not to be afraid, as the Children of Arkham have come to cleanse the city of corruption. Batman and Catwoman both realize that there is a higher power behind Penguin.

On stage, Penguin forces Vicki to inject both Harvey and Hill with the drug in order to get real answers from them. Under the influence of the drug, Hill shows the city his true face by insulting the poor, claiming that they should all be killed. Harvey however, while acknowledging the city's flaws, claims that there is still hope. Penguin then asks about the city's elite, referring to Bruce Wayne. He then shows video footage in which Bruce's father Thomas declares Penguin's mother insane when she did not sell him her family's land, in order to get the land legally. The room is then stormed by the GCPD and while the Children's soldiers fight the policemen, Batman jumps on the stage to confront Penguin. Vicki frees herself from Penguin's grasp and runs off the stage, protected by Batman who shields her from Penguin's bullets with his cape. He then hurls a Batarang towards Penguin's mask. Penguin collapses on stage but is saved when Batman is engaged by Blockbuster instead. While Batman fights Blockbuster, Penguin gets back up and aims his gun at Mayor Hill, who pleads for his life and vows to make amends. Under the pressure, Hill reveals that he was behind the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, but Penguin claims that this won't bring back his mother. He tries to kill Hill but is attacked by Harvey. However, he pistol-whips Harvey to the ground and tells him to wait his turn. He then shoots Hill in the head and torso multiple times, killing him instantly.

Cornered by Batman and Catwoman, the latter having come down to join the fight as well, Penguin then takes Harvey hostage at gunpoint. He then fires wildly at the two and throws Harvey to the ground. While Catwoman falls to the ground and is approached by a group of Children of Arkham soldiers, Penguin rips a stagelight off of its stand, planning to crush Harvey in the head with it. The player must choose to either save Harvey or Catwoman.

Batman shoves Penguin out of the way, knocking him to the ground before he can burn Harvey's face, while Catwoman is shot in the left shoulder by one of the soldiers (who is armed with a shotgun) she decides to subdue herself before Batman can help her and angrily flees, frustrated at Batman not saving her. Penguin escapes, but his mask remains behind.

Penguin swiftly slams the stagelight onto Harvey's head, burning the left side of the latter's face, before lifting it up to try and smash him with it again, but Batman stops him by throwing a Batarang at the stagelight before he can do further damage or kill him. Penguin escapes, but his mask remains behind.

Episode Three: New World Order

To replace Bruce, who, due to the allegations about his family's involvement with the mob, is forced to step down as CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Oswald is invited by the board to become CEO instead. During a press conference where Oswald is introduced as CEO and Bruce announces his resignation, the latter is dosed with the psychoactive drug by Vicki Vale, who reveals herself to be the leader of the Children of Arkham known as Lady Arkham, and is forced to publicly attack Oswald, which lands him into Arkham Asylum.

Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham

Penguin's voice can be heard from a drone that attacks Batman and Vicki's foster brother at her now deceased foster parents' house before it is destroyed by Batman. Later, he can either appear physically if Batman decides to go to Wayne Enterprises or he won't appear anymore if not.

If Batman goes to Wayne Enterprises, he and Batman will fight and end up into the R&D lab, where he will use prototype Bat-Gauntlets to fight but Batman defeats him and breaks his leg. He is then either knocked out or restrained. Later, he will be found by the police hanging upside down, and will then be arrested to be sent to Blackgate Prison. Meanwhile, Two-Face and his Enforcers have burnt Wayne Manor to the ground.

If Batman goes to Wayne Manor, he won't appear but will nearly succeed in hacking Batman's tech, causing the latter to shut it down in order to prevent him from using it for the Children of Arkham's cause.

Episode Five: City of Light

If Batman confronted Two-Face, he will confront Penguin as Bruce in Cobblepot Park. Penguin will have gunned down numerous policemen already. Bruce will then try and talk to Penguin while Gordon tries to shoot the transmitter for the drones. Depending on what Bruce says to him, Penguin will either recognize Gordon is there and Bruce and Gordon will be forced to fight him or Gordon will disable the generator quickly. Either way, Penguin will be defeated and arrested but not before telling them that Lady Arkham's plan is still in motion.



  • Unlike the mainstream version of the character Penguin, this one isn't overweight and is attractive.
  • This version of Penguin is the third member of Batman's rogues' gallery to be a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, with the others being Hush (Thomas Elliot) and Black Mask (Roman Sionis).
  • His appearance (such as being more good looking and thin) is most likely inspired by his incarnation from the Fox television show Gotham.
  • Depending on the player's choice, he is responsible for scarring Harvey Dent, a role normally held by Salvatore Maroni.


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