Oswald Gardner

Oswald Gardner

Oswald Gardner is the main antagonist of the 2001 Disney video game Tarzan: Untamed. He is an unscrupulous scientist who becomes fascinated with Tarzan and strives to capture the ape-man and take him back to England as a media attraction.

He was voiced by Corey Burton, who also played Jones in the film Tarzan.


The game picks up shortly after the film left off. Tarzan has somehow convinced Jane and Professor Porter to stay with him in the jungle so that he can remain the protector to the gorillas that raised him. But sooner or later, a scientist named Oswald Gardner shows up on the island and, with his henchmen, begins to trap and capture Tarzan's ape family and friends. It's up to players to free the character's monkey buddies and restore order to the jungle.


Oswald's goons have captured several infant gorillas to sell to zoos. Tarzan must break the cages and return them to the gorilla family. His enemies include poachers and jungle animals, such as panthers, snakes, rhinos, and crocodiles. He also collects film reels that belong to Oswald and spears to use as weapons. In later stages of the game, he receives help from the gorilla family and the baboons.


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Oswald Gardner
Oswald Gardner
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