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Oswald Granger is the central antagonist of the 2009 musical film Hannah Montana: The Movie. He is a sneaky undercover journalist for celebrity magazine BonChic.

His plan is to uncover Miley Stewart's double-life (including her alter-ego as Hannah Montana) to the whole world. He is played by Peter Gunn.


Oswald is first presented as a sneaky journalist, who first becomes suspicious of Hannah Montana's secret. When Miley Stewart heads to her best friend Lilly's birthday party as Hannah, Oswald follows her limo.

When Lilly gets mad that Miley unintentionally stole attention from her, she accidentally mentions to Oswald that Miley is from a town called Crowley Corners.

When Miley is taken back to her home town, she realizes her home town is currently in an argument with a land developer named Mr. Bradley, including her grandmother. She agrees that "Hannah" will be there to hold a concert.

Acting on Lilly's tip, Oswald finds himself at Crowley Corners. Lilly shows up at Crowley Corners dressed as Hannah, backed up with her band and crew. Oswald, believing Lilly to be Hannah, snaps a picture.

They realize they lead Oswald to them and Miley must now find a way to be in two places at once.

At the concert, Miley, who throughout the movie was getting perspective on what matters to her, decides she no longer can live a lie, especially in her home town. During the concert, she takes off her wig.

The towns people promise to keep the secret. Oswald takes the picture and is chased down by Miley, her friends and father until he is cornered.

Oswald pulls out his cell phone and threatens to send the photos to BioChic's editor, but is reasoned with by his daughters, who are Hannah Montana fans not to go through with it. As a result, Oswald quits his job.


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