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Otachi (Japanese: 御立ち) is major kaiju antagonist appearing in the 2013 science fiction monster film Pacific Rim, the first installment of the franchise of the same name. She also reappears in many video games based on the film, such as Pacific Rim: The Video Game or Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.


Designated as a Category IV Kaiju, Otachi was sent by the Precursors to Hong Kong in China where her goal was to find and kill Newton Geiszler, who came to posses knowledge about aliens' plan to invade the Earth through drifting with Kaiju's brain. Accompanied by Leatherback, Otachi has fought and destroyed the Jaegers known as Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha, as well as rendered Striker Eureka inactive. As she spread terror and destruction across Hong Kong, her companion Leatherback was killed by the rebuilt Gipsy Danger.

Just as she was about to consume Newton Geiszler after digging a hole in public shelter, Gipsy Danger engaged her in combat. Following Jaeger striking her face multiple times with large ship, Otachi floors the giant robot and hides behind the buildings, where it ambushes the Jaeger. Otachi becomes enraged when Gipsy Danger rips off her acid sap and tail, deciding to take a fight into the air. Grabbing the Jaeger by its core, Otachi sprouts her wings and takes a flight, quickly reaching the stratosphere level. Gipsy Danger ultimately kills her by retracting a chain sword from its forearm and using it to slice Otachi in half.

In the aftermath of Hong Kong's destruction, Hannibal Chau's team started to search for Otachi's secondary brain in her pelvic cavity. The brain turned out to be dead; however, Otachi is revealed to be pregnant and carry an infant inside her body. After killing Chau's workers, Otachi's child violently bursts out her body to kill remaining humans in nearby area only to quickly suffocate, as its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck during its frenzy. When Hannibal Chau arrogantly stabs the newborn monster in the nose, the creature revives and devours him, only to suffocate again as the businessman's body alongside the umbilical cord has completely blocked its throat. Few moments later, Hannibal Chau cuts his out of newborn's body with a pocket knife, asking as to where is his shoe.


Like all Kaiju created by Precursors, Otachi is extremely hostile towards humans and will not hesitate to engage any Jaeger that stands in her path. Under her creators' orders, she single-mindly follows her sole goal to eliminate the human known as Newton Geiszler, who possesses knowledge about the Kaiju's nature and poses a direct threat to their plans.

In combat, Otachi is strategic and sophisticated, being able to quickly remember her opponent's special abilities and exploit their weaknesses. For example; after learning that Crimson Typhoon's right set of arms is weaker than main arm on left side and thus makes it hard for it to defend from swipes on right, Otachi used this to knock Jaeger off its feet and rip off its head with her tail. Another instance is when Otachi learns that Cherno Alpha is extremely slow on its feet and thus is perfect target for her acid, which melts away Jaeger's armor and leaves it open for Leatherback to tear apart.

Physical Appearance

Otachi is large, quadrupedal, draconian-based monster with plated armor covering her black body, spike protrusions running down to her tail, and bioluminescent green-blue veins. Her head is large compared to the rest of the body, sporting a set of saurian-like jaws with pair of crests above the golden eyes and neon-blue interior. Neck supporting her head possesses blue-black sack, which inflates everytime Otachi is about to spew acid. Similar to chiropterans, Otachi's forelimbs are actually pair of retractable wings with leathery green skin double-joining her elongated fifth fingers. Her main weapon is extraordinary-long prehensile tail ending with trio of pincers, which Otachi can use to grab or crush objects.

According to Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters, Otachi stands at 207 ft. (63.09 m) tall and weighs 2690 tons. However, Pacific Rim: The Video Game states she's 358 ft. (109 m) tall and weighs 3475 tons.

Powers and Abilities

  • Anteverse Kaiju Physiology: As a kaiju created artificially by Precursors, Otachi possesses all standard attributes of her kind, such as enormous size, silicon-based body which makes her body extremely light, toxic blood which poisons the surrounding environment, naturally malevolent nature, ability to trigger mass extinction by entering in contact with rare minerals found inside Mount Fuji, as well as invulnerability to high pressure on Mariana Trench.
    • Advanced Strength: Like all kaiju due to their colossal size, Otachi possesses ginormous amount of physical strength which allows her to trade blows with Jaegers and smash through the buildings with ease. Using her tail as a club, Otachi knocked Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha and Gipsy Danger off their feet several times despite their own immense size and heavy armor. Her jaws were powerful enough to dig a deep hole in the several layers of asphalt, easily breaching the public anti-kaiju shelter. However, Otachi's most impressive strength feat is lifting Gipsy Danger with her feet and flying with it all the way into the stratosphere.
    • Advanced Durability: Thanks to her silicon-based body, Otachi is immune to extreme pressure on Mariana Trench and takes no visible damage from conventional weaponry. Repeated Cherno Alpha's blows to her head had no prolonged effects on her, similar to being thrown twice by Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka respectively. Striking her face with oil tanker ship only succeeded in futher enraging her, although Otachi had not shown visible injuries regardless. However, Otachi has her limits of durability; for example, Crimson Typhoon's chainsaw blades were able to draw blood from her. Later, Otachi was killed by Gipsy Danger's retractable sword made from steel obsidian alloy. Durability of Otachi's newborn had limits as well, shown when Hannibal Chau's knife pierced skin in the area of nose and was later used to cut his way out of baby's corpse.
    • Advanced Speed and Agility: Otachi was one of the fastest kaiju within Pacific Rim franchise, easily surpassing the likes of Trespasser and Mutavore. She was able to keep up and even outmanuver Crimson Typhoon, eventually killing it by ripping of its head before it could even react. Later, she run away from Gipsy Danger after knocking it off balance and quickly hide behind the buildings, setting a trap. However, she proved no match for faster and stronger Striker Eureka who outmaneuvered and overpowered her with little effort.
    • Advanced Endurance: Otachi had ability to endure several painful situations through her fights with various Jaegers, such as having her throat cut open, tail frozen to be and scattered into pieces or her tongue forcefully ripped off by Gipsy Danger.
    • Amphibiousness: Despite her bat-like limbs, Otachi can swim and fight underwater. She could travel from Mariana Trench to Hong Kong within few hours, then walk and run on dry land without any issues. She was observed to suddenly jump from the water in a manner similar to crocodiles, attacking both Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka in this fashion.
    • Caustic Blood: Like all kaiju, blood filling Otachi's veins is phosphorescent in component and can contaminate surrounding area within short periods of time, eventually becoming a vapor that spread throughout the entire city turning it into an uninhabitable wasteland. Direct contact with Otachi's blood causes human beings to go to the state of shock, which is why Hannibal Chau's organ-harvesting crew has to wear special hazmat suits to move inside Otachi's body.
    • Acidic breath: One of unique capabilities possesses by Otachi is projecting a highly-corrosive substance that can easily melt through even the most armored Jaegers, such as Cherno Alpha. Everytime Otachi is about to use this ability, her lower jaw splits in two, while frog-like sack under her neck inflates. This ability is used only twice in the film, first time on Cherno Alpha, second time attempted to use on Gipsy Danger who dodged it. Otachi has lost capability to project acid after Gipsy Danger tore off her tongue during their fight in the Hong Kong.
    • Extendable Tongue: Although not used in the combat with Jaegers, Otachi briefly displayed ability to extent her tongue at the length of tens of meters after digging a hole in public shelter. Function of this ability is unknown but it is possible that Otachi can use it to safetely capture human beings and bring them to Precursors. Alternatively, tongue could possibly be used to atract humans with bioluminescent light.
    • Dimensional Travel: Otachi can pass through the Breach thanks to having a kaiju DNA, which allows her to travel between Anteverse and Earth.
    • Flight: After having her acid sack torn off by Gipsy Danger, Otachi reveals another one of her unique abilities, which is flight though pair of retractable wings. Although her top flight speed has never been confirmed, Otachi was able to reach height of stratosphere within short period of time, even when carrying the 1980-ton Gipsy Danger.
    • Multiple Brains: As stated by Newton Geiszler and later proven on-screen, Otachi possesses one main brain located inside her head alongside secondary one found near pelvic area.
    • Oxygen Independence: Because Otachi's howeworld lacks any oxygen, winged monster can survive even in the vacuum of space.
    • Prehensile Feet: Like apes, bats and birds, Otachi has elongated feet with fully-functionative toes that can be used to grab into objects.
    • Prehensile Tail: Otachi's main weapon of choice is her long prehensile tail which can be used as a club or additional limb to grab onto objects thanks to trio of pincer claws on its tip. Monster first uses her tail to knock Crimson Typhoon off balance, although mech quickly recovers from the blow. Later, Otachi resorts to tear off Crimson Typhoon's head, crushing it inside her pincer claws and killing all three of its pilots. This ability is also lost when Gipsy Danger freezes the tail with use of cooling wents, completely severing the appendage.





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