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The Other Teachers are minor antagonists featured in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6. They are a large assortment of future "teachers" that are created when Red Guy is messing with the console that generated all the "lessons".


When Red Guy discovers the console that generated the lessons, he messes around with it causing the Lamp (who is teaching Yellow Guy about dreams) to transform into Tony the Talking Clock. He does this multiple times, causing all the past teachers (Colin the Computer, Shrignold the Butterfly, and the Healthy Band) to appear, and even causes Duck Guy (who was killed off by the Healthy Band) to appear briefly. As Red Guy continues to fiddle with the console, the future teachers start appearing, all symbolizing possible future "lessons" to be taught to them. Red Guy desperately tries to turn the console off, but is unable to and just keep generating more teachers, constantly torturing Yellow Guy to the point where Yellow Guy starts to look gaunt. Even after Roy shows up and Red Guy leaves the console, more teachers just keep appearing to torture Yellow Guy, only stopping after Red Guy pulls the plug on the console and resetting the entire thing.

List of teachers

  • Universe Guy: A life-sized model of the solar system who sings about the universe.
  • The Football: A football who sings about sports. He has with him a soccer ball, a cricket ball and shuttlecock.
  • The Magnet: A large magnet who sings about magnets.
  • Sammy the Spade: A large shovel with a deep voice who sings about digging.
  • The Saxophone: A saxophone wearing sunglasses who sings about buying a canoe.
  • The File: A file who sings about how to put documents in it.
  • Traffic Light: A traffic light who sings about crossing the road and possibly getting "crushed by a bus".
  • Gel: A large tub of gel who sings about gel.
  • The Cigarette: A large cigarette who only says "Stinky mouth!" He presumably was going to sing about smoking.
  • The Boombox: A boombox who sings about music.
  • Various glitched teachers:
    • The Plug
    • The Meat Cube
    • Duck Guy with a few cubical features
    • A Clapperboard
    • A duplicate of Red Guy
    • A horse standing on two legs.


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