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Spoiled rich pricks run the world.
~ Otto's most famous quote as he boasts about his terroristic plans to his part-time ally Jakob Toretto.

Otto is the main antagonist of F9, the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious film series.

Otto is the son of a wealthy head of state, and commands his own private army of mercenaries. An underground criminal, Otto initially colluded with Jakob Toretto and later joined forces with Cipher to steal a deadly terrorist weapon called Project Aries.

He was portrayed by Thue Ersted Rasmussen in his first villainous role.


Otto was born to a wealthy father and into a life of privilege. He grew up most of his life being spoiled by his father's money but eventually grew to resent him and began contemplating ways to steal his money. At some point, Otto soon met habitual offender Jakob Toretto and the pair came up with a plan to find and activate Project Aries, a device that they could use to control the world's computer and military systems. Jakob was aware that his former boss, Mr. Nobody, was in possession of the device and so he and Otto infiltrated the plane. At the same time, they were able to extract Cipher, a former enemy of Jakob's brother Dominic Toretto, who had been arrested by Mr. Nobody so that they could hold her hostage to prevent her from interfering with their plan.

After Jakob recovers the first half of Project Aries in Montequinto, he returns to Otto's Base of Operations where Otto introduces him to Dom's arch-nemesis Cipher - a terrorist mastermind who had been recently incarcerated for her crimes. When Cipher finds out about Jakob's relation to Dom, she attempts to sway Jakob into joining forces with her as well as turn him against Otto; however, Jakob refuses and Otto is left satisfied with Jakob's loyalty to him. Jakob and Otto soon devise a plan to get Dom out of their way and they lure him to Hatfield House which is declared an international embassy by Otto's father. After Dom pulls a gun on Jakob, Otto enters with Interpol Agents who arrest Dom for attempted murder on international grounds.

Otto and Jakob continue to Edinburgh where Otto helps Jakob steal the second half of Project Aries from a chapel before fleeing in his 2019 Jaguar XE SV Project 8. Otto is chased by Ramsey in a delivery truck and is run off road. After they apprehend Jakob, Otto returns to his base where Cipher plays on his insecurities and compares him to the likes of Yoda from Star Wars. As a a result, Otto changes allegiances to Cipher. He takes his team to Dom's bunker in the Caspian Sea Bunker where they infiltrate the base and free Jakob. They kidnap Elle, the key to Project Aries, and flee to Tbilisi where they launch a satellite into orbit.

As they move through the streets of Tbilisi to await the uplink of Project Aries to the satellite, Otto informs Jakob that the uplink is being interrupted and Jakob climbs onto the roof of The Armadillo to fix it however Otto's righthand man, Sue, follows Jakob to try and kill him and Otto reveals that he has joined forces with Cipher instead. When Otto can't take down Dom, Cipher decides to take matters into her own hands and flies in on a jet.

She fires magnet bombs and rockets at the Armadillo to destroy it and in the process kills Otto, while Dom jumps out of the vehicle as the Armadillo ricochets into the jet completely destroying it (though it turns out that she was flying the jet remotely back at Otto's Base of Operations before slipping away defeated).


  • Though Jakob carried out most of the crimes, Otto is revealed to be the main villain because he was the mastermind of the plot. Having said that, Cipher became the final boss after she killed him with his own drone.
  • Otto is the fourth main antagonist in the Fast & Furious franchise to be killed, following Johnny Tran, Hernan Reyes, and Brixton Lore.
  • Otto is similar to a man named Nabal in the Bible.

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