Otto is a minor antagonist in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He was a Nazi Gestapo Agent whom accompanied Major Toht in obtaining the headpiece of the Staff of Ra from Marion Ravenwood.

He was portrayed by Matthew Scurfield.


Major Toht, Otto, and 3 local thugs arrive at Marion Ravenwood’s bar to recover the headpiece of the Staff of Ra. Unwilling to give up the headpiece, Marion is interrogated by Toht. Just as he prepares to torture her, Indiana Jones comes her rescue and whips the rod from Toht’s hands. He then draws a revolver.

Otto comes out from behind the fireplace and fires at Jones with his machine gun. Jones dives for cover. Later on, a large thug tackles Jones onto a table. Impatient, Toht orders Otto to shoot both men. The thug notices and uses Jones revolver to shoot Otto dead.


  • He was listed in cast as the 2nd Nazi.
  • His name was given in the Raiders of the Lost Ark sourcebook.
  • He was referred to as Eyepatch in the film novelization.


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