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Give him to ME. *ugh*
~ Otto's most famous quote.

Otto is the secondary antagonist in Barbie as Rapunzel. He is a brown ferret voiced by Peter Kelamis and he belongs to Gothel, a witch who uses him to spy on Rapunzel and her friends.


Otto is Gothel's sidekick. He is often seen wrapped around her neck as if a necklet. He loves his mistress and wants her to be beautiful, as he chases Rapunzel away to let his mistress have 'a beauty nap'.

Otto has a horrible relationship with Hobie, whom he wants to eat. Otto tells Gothel when Rapunzel discovers a secret entrance, was in a village and was invited on masked ball.

He also brings Gothel her invitation that she later uses to come to the ball dressed as Rapunzel.

Otto comes to the ball along with his mistress and when Rapunzel arrives, he wants to eat Hobie, but gets burned by Penelope instead. Then, he follows Gothel, going through the tower painting.

In the end, Otto was shown as Gothel's servant and Rapunzel's replacement. He doesn't seem to appreciate his mistress as much as he used to, mocking the way she speaks while making her a cup of tea.


Otto is shown as a crafty, toady servant of Gothel. He always follows Rapunzel, so that he can return to Gothel with a report on Rapunzel's activity.


Otto is a brown ferret. Because of his color, he is imperceptible on Gothel's dress.



  • In early 2021, Otto's line "Give him to me, ugh" became a popular Internet meme. This is because the moan Otto does after saying the line sounds a bit suggestive.


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