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Otto Alrik is a corrupt templar, kidnapper and minor antagonist in Dragon Age II.

He is responsible for the "Tranquil Solution" where he would make all mages in Thedas Tranquil. This would include even the Mages who passed their Harrowings, which was against Chantry Law. According to Anders, Alrik had also experimented on the Mages, testing to see their limits before giving in to Blood Magic.

He sent his proposal to Meredith, Knight-Commander of the templars in Kirkwall, and to Divine Justinia V. Both rejected his plan as too extreme, so he began to do it in secret. One of his victims was Karl Thekla, a friend of Anders.

When Anders discovered Alrik's plan, he alerted his companion Hawke to do something about it.

Alrik's fate is dependent on whether or not Hawke accepted the quest, Dissent, if not, then Alrik either lives and continues his actions, or Anders stops him on his own. If it is accepted, however, then Hawke, Anders and their companions find Alrik attempting to make a Circle Mage, Ella, his latest victim.

It was then revealed that he had a much more terrible reason for his plans: Raping the Tranquil. Hawke and Anders kill Alrik, and put an end to his Tranquil Solution.


  • Despite his minor role, Alrik is considered to be one of the most despicable villains in the Dragon Age series.
  • In the Gallows during Act II, many Tranquil can be seen claiming that Tranquility saves them from their sins.
  • Another scene in the Gallows is shown where a Tranquil named Helena is speaking with an elven apprentice named Jaken. She monotonously recounts their "ilicit relationship". Jaken is horrified and proclaims his love for her, to which she responds that she is "Ser Alrik's now."