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Otto  Delaney was a SAMCRO Member who was incarcerated. His wife was Luann Delaney, Gemma Teller Morrow's best friend. Since his incarceration, Luann's made ends meet producing "mature porn" movies. He had her name tattooed on his left arm. He has a sister with the ADA in Lodi. Otto was a member of the Redwood Charter until he was arrested and sent to Stockton Prison in the mid 1990's. He had years added to his original six year sentence for things he did for the MC inside. In March 1997 he broke a man's collarbone and two ribs. In August, 1999 he shivved a guy for being a rat and two years were added. In December, 2001 he tried to broker a deal with GN and got his left eye slashed.


Otto was loyal to his club, no matter how much he had to suffer and protected SAMCRO until the end. He was quite an intelligent man, often reading books in prison. His one weakness however was his wife Luann who he ask the club to look after as his only favor. After she was killed he later ratted on the club for failing to look after her but later regretted turning and sought to make it right. He had also great pain tolerance, biting off his own tongue in order to show that he is still loyal to SAMCRO. He is first seen protecting Chuck Marstein  in prison from Lin Triad members. He later hints to Clay and Jax that Chucky has a "condition" when the club take him in to get money he stole from the Lin Triad and give his share to Luann. Agent Stahl later uses his wife arrest on drug charges to get him to rat and get him parole in three months. He later meets with Luann who warns him Stahl is trying to use RICO on the club. Otto manages to get Luann clear of the charges and looks like he is going to rat the club out but slam Stahl's head into the table for arresting Luann and showing he didn't rat.

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