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Otto Kessel was a major antagonist of Season 5 of Criminal Case, Serving As the Final Antagonist of Season 5.


Early life

Otto Kessel was a test tube baby made by Denise Daniels, the CEO of S.A.R.A. Kessel, along with other neohumans, grew in a tank filled with a superhuman serum mixed with Berzelium, an extraterrestrial element found in a meteorite that crashed to Earth. This made Kessel so resilient, he had the ability to heal bullet wounds immediately. As the final part of his experiments, Daniels made Kessel her assistant at SARA.


Otto became involved in the murders of food court employee Doris Black, HAZMAT specialist Trishna Joshi, and scientist Dr. Henry Liu. He was found to be innocent after Clyde Black, John C. Birk and April Liu were all arrested for their respective crimes.

As he pretended to be a normal human, he developed independent thought. He no longer wanted to be under the command of Denise Daniels. When Denise broke the neohumans out of the lab and battled the members of Ad Astra (a secret society), Otto took no part in this battle. However, when Denise marched up to a hill, Otto tied Denise's wrists together with plastic ties, forced her to kneel down, and decapitated her with a machete. Otto then carved the statement "YOUR ARMY IS MINE!" into her forehead, then impaled her head on the sword of a statue. The neohumans accepted Otto as their new leader.

When the police discovered Otto was Denise's killer, Otto reveals himself to be neohuman. The police shot him, but his bullet wound healed instantaneously. He escaped from the police and army continued to wreak havoc on the city.

Final Battle and Death

The police's tech expert, Cathy Turner, edited a video of Otto Kessel, making it seem like Kessel was telling the neohumans to meet at the hill. She broadcasted this video via the city's municipal broadcasting system.

Then, the police's weapons expert, Rita Estevez, took an electrified superhuman serum, giving her superpowers more powerful than the neohumans.

Otto and the neohumans met at the hill as instructed. Rita used her powers to kill two of Kessel's minions, but was unable to directly attack Otto. Then, Rita's body overloaded from the power. This created a powerful explosion that killed Rita, Otto, and all of the neohumans, making the city safe once again.

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