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Ottomo is a member of the Medici Mafia family and a minor antagonist in the indie fighting game Skullgirls.


Ottomo is one of Lorenzo's henchmen. His mechanical body is used by Tom, a small, irritable Dagonian engineer. A former member of Anti-Skullgirl Labs, Tom sold his services to the Medici Mafia before stealing a Mighty Metal Man suit. Tom himself is a man of many vices, but Ottomo is far more classy.

Ottomo appears as a background character in Medici Tower, and his head is seen in Peacock's ending on Avery's knife.



  • Ottomo was one of the many possible characters planned to be DLC at one point. He was to have used dance-based movements, such as moonwalking when walking backward or using the signature lean of Smooth Criminal when he pushes blocks and attack.
  • Ottomo's name could come from the Otomo androids from Robocop, or from Katsuhiro Otomo, an animator and manga creator who made such works as Akira and Steamboy.


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