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The Outlaws are supporting antagonists in Joe Camp's 1976 comedy film Hawmps?. They are Bad Jack Cutter's henchmen.


Clemmons learns from Corporal Leroy that Tucker and his men are captured by Cutter and the outlaws at Dagger’s Point. Clemmons insists on rescuing Tucker and his men. Along the way, Clemmons and Tibbs capture two other outlaws, steal their clothes and horses, then ride into town in disguise to meet Bad Jack, agreeing to join his gang.

Later, they find Tucker and his men in jail and try to pull out the window bars using a horse. The horse fails, but they return with a camel and are almost caught by Cutter. When the camel demolishes the entire jail, a gunfight is ensued by Clemmons and Cutter. Tucker and his men return with their horses and battle against the outlaws before fleeing the scene and leaving Clemmons and Tibbs to face the outlaws alone.

Cutter and his men are about to finish off Clemmons and Tibbs, but Clemmons’s men ride in on camelback, rescuing their leaders, and ride off as the outlaws chase the camels and leave Cutter behind.


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