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Now...let's get cooking! (さあ 始めるか!ハァッ! Sā hajimeru ka! Haa'!)
~ Oven Jamen's first words when arriving in front of an office building with the Freezer Jamen.

The blazing infernal mask! Oven Jamen! (熱き炎の仮面!チーン!オーブン邪面! Atsuki honō no kamen! Chīn! Ōbun Jamen!)
~ Oven Jamen's roll call.

Time to bake you to a crisp! (さあ お前ら纏めて燃え尽きろ! Sā omae-ra matomete moetsukiro!)
~ Oven Jamen when confronted by four Kiramagers.

Whether there's four of five of you doesn't make a difference! (4人が5人になっても変わらんわ! Yon-nin ga go-nin ni natte mo kawaran wa!)
~ The Oven Jamen reacting to all five Kiramagers.

Cold Hot Dagames... Avenge me--! (レーネツダガメスよ!せめて俺の敵を…! Rēnetsu Dagamesu yo! Semete ore no kataki wo… !)
~ Final words before death.

The Oven Jamen (オーブン邪面 Ōbun Jamen) is a oven-based Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim and one of the three antagonists (alongside Freezer Jamen and Cold Hot Dagames) of episode 7 and one of the two antagonists (alongside Cold Hot Dagames) of episode 8 of the 2020 TV series Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

He is voiced by Yūji Ueda, who previously voiced Destra Majjo in the 2018 TV series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.


Oven Jamen and his brother Freezer Jamen were summoned by Carantula to go to Earth and gather enough darkness energy to create an invasion portal to send Cold Hot Dagames to Earth. However, in battle against the Kiramagers, Oven Jamen kept getting annoyed at Freezer Jamen's attacks, which he felt were overshadowing his own. After Oven Jamen intentionally melted Freezer Jamen's ice attack, Galza stepped in and scolded Oven Jamen for letting his envy of his brother get in the way of battle before leaving with both of them.

During their next outing to gather darkness, Freezer Jamen was able to overpower Oven Jamen's fire attacks thanks to the darkness energy drink Galza had given him. Upon discovering the drink, Oven Jamen attempted to grab it out of Freezer Jamen's hands but Freezer Jamen drank it all. However, as Freezer Jamen began to feel his body weaken, Galza appeared and revealed that his body breaking down was a side effect of the energy drink and that Oven Jamen had been in on his plan all along. After Galza destroyed Freezer Jamen for being weak, the darkness energy he and Oven Jamen had gathered was used by Carantula open an invasion portal to send Cold Hot Dagames to Earth.

In episode 8 the Oven Jamen has made it second appearance as he caused a rampage in the city as he set everything on fire including the security camera. As this goes on he was then sneaked attack by the arrivals of the Kiramager (minus Juru) to stop him from this rampage. So he used his ability and puts the four member in a cube-shaped inferno.

A while later he managed to overwhelm the team as they de-transformed back and things aren't going to be pretty not to mention he'd managed to produce enough dark energy to awaken the beast until Juru arrived to save the day in Mashin Express as he was prevented to use his ability. After that the whole team battle the Oven Jamen and then he was finished off by this finisher called Kiramei Rush Stream.


  • Oven Jamen's body suit is reused from Vise Jamen.
  • Oven Jamen is the first oven-themed monster since the Stove Shadow from 2014 TV series Ressha Sentai ToQger.


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