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The Overkilling Machines are a force to be reckoned with in the Dragon Quest video game series. Introduced in Dragon Quest VI as stronger versions of the Killing Machine series and usually the protectors of ruins and treasures. They were the product of a scientist's dream to build the perfect killer, but they work for Mortamor, Nelgel, Madesagora, Nadraga, Kyronos, and Mordegon, and are programmed to kill as much as their predecessors as stated in Dragon Quest VII.

They carry a saber and a mace for battle and are also able to shoot arrows with the crossbow on their "tail", they can even retract the spikes at its base. An advantage is that they don't know many magic spells, but they tend to attack twice.


Dragon Quest VI

Their debut was on this game, alongside its stronger varieties, the Überkilling Machine. They appear at Pillar of Pegasus  as some of the strongest enemies in that dungeon, this monster is able to attack twice per turn. They also appeared in Greedmore Valley as well.

Dragon Quest VII

While they don't appear in the original game, they reappear in the 3DS remake as one of the Traveller's Tablet dungeon enemies.

Dragon Quest X

Reappearing for the first time in a non remake main series game since their debut from the first half of 3.5 onwards, they are more stronger than their debut appearance, but are still outclassed by the Überkilling Machine, as well as the Crimson Killing Machine.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

An Overkilling Machine appears as the mid-boss of Bemusoleum and is avaliable to recruit if a Dragon Quest VI game is linked.


  • Its Japanese name, Killer Machine 2, suggest it may be an upgraded version of the Killing Machines, another popular and recurring monster. This was eventually confirmed in their bestariy description for Dragon Quest XI, where they were Killing Machines heavily modified, they were almost unrecognizable.


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