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The Third Overlord

The Third Overlord is the titular villain of the videogame Overlord and is a dark lord who has recently been revived by his loyal minions.

He is also the son-in-law of the Second Overlord, the father of the next Overlord and a former member of the Seven Heroes.

With the aid of the cunning Gnarl, the dark lord is sent into the world to perform a series of missions that will increase his power and ultimately allow him to regain control over his Dark Domain.

Like any good dark lord, the Third Overlord is not one to risk his own life and thus has a near-endless supply of grotesquely violent minions by which to enforce his will.

When these minions fail he has his own arsenal of destructive spells to unleash on the world, once he has found the proper items by which to unlock them that is.

A devourer of life-force and dark energy the Third Overlord has a choice in the way he governs his land, he can become a ruthless tyrant - using and abusing as he sees fit or he can become a true dark lord and destroy without reason as a murderous psychopath: although both paths have their rewards Gnarl advises the Third Overlord that sometimes it is better to leave a land full of terrified but alive minions, if only so they can do the Overlord's evil on his behalf.

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