Overlord is the secondary antagonist of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. Overlord leads the Decepticons on the battlefield, serving under Devil Z, and is made up of the combined form of the Godmasters Mega and Giga.

Overlord would return in the OVA Transformers Zone as one of the nine Generals of Violen Jaguer. Overlord also appears in Transformers manga and the Legends comics.

He is voiced by Keiichi Noda.


Overlord first appeared in the anime series Super-God Masterforce as the formation the couple Giga and Mega, two Godmasters bound to transtectors by Devil Z. His alt mode has him split into two vehicles, with one as the jet piloted by Giga and the tank piloted by Mega. When in robot mode they the tank becomes the lower torso and the jet becomes the upper torso. Overlord also has the power to nullify Godmasters just like how he defeated Ginrai in their first encounter Ginrai and Overlord would form a rivalry not unlike Optimus and Megatron. After Giga and Mega turned on Devil Z and attacked him in Overlord, Devil Z killed them off and purged their organics from Overlord while Overlord gained sentience and goes after Ginrai. After Devil Z was defeated, Overlord took over the remaining Decepticons and led them to leave Earth to continue the war with the Autobots in space.

Overlord would later be replaced as Decepticon leader by Deathsaurus, instead going on to lead the Sector Two Decepticon forces in the Transformers Victory cartoon.

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