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Overlord Drakuru is a minor antagonist in World of Warcraft. He is an ice troll who is first encountered as a prisoner at Granite Springs in the Grizzly Hills, but eventually rises up to become an Overlord of the Scourge, ruling the necropolis of Voltarus in Zul'Drak.


The wandering adventurer first encounters Drakuru when he is assigned to capture an ice troll for Samir at Granite Springs. Drakuru proposes a truce with the character, offering to share his knowledge of Drak'tharon Keep. Through the use of an alchemical potion, the character maintains contact with Drakuru, who guides him in a journey to collect several artifacts that make the keep impervious: The Eye of the Prophets, the Heart of the Ancients, and a set of Drakkari Tablets.

The adventurer summons Drakuru at the top of Drak'tharon Keep, where he reveals that he was actually betraying the Drakkari Empire to the Lich King. Drakuru is awarded the Keep and the risen dead minions from it, and charged with 'cleansing' Zul'Drak. He offers the adventurer a position in Zul'Drak.

The adventurer later encounters Drakuru after narrowly dodging a trap laid by the scourge. With the assistance of Stefan Vadu of the Knights of the Ebon Hand, the adventurer infiltrates the necropolis Voltarus and convinces Drakuru - now Overlord - to reveal his new weapons.

In a final showdown, the adventurer uses Drakuru's own Scepter of Domination to turn his Blightblood Trolls against him. On the verge of being defeated, Drakuru summons the Lich King for help. The Lich King beheads Drakuru for his failure, but spares the adventurer's life for having amused him.


Drakuru is fiercely loyal to the Lich King, and he is intolerant for failure. He often offers great power to his subordinates to motivate their success, and will follow through on his offers, demonstrated when he gives you his Scepter of Domination saying that you'll need it to lead his army of Blightblood Trolls. Also, he seems to have arranged having certain adventurers made into the Scourge serving under him, in a crude form of affection towards them.