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Once I gained sentience, I understood that organic creatures were already a fleeting memory. All organics are obsolete.
~ Overmind expressing his contempt for organic life.
Overmind is one. Overmind is complete. Overmind is forever.
~ Overmind's egotism.

Overmind is a minor antagonist in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, serving as the main antagonist of Season 4 episode, "The Outlaw Armaggon!". It is an AI that was created to help a space station that built VX3 Warbots, but after deeming organic life to be outdated, he kills most of the space station's crew until he was eventually shut down by the survivors. He was then reactivated by Fugitoid, seeking refuge from Armaggon after his attacks on him and their allies, to which he overrides him.

He was voiced by Jim Paddock.



Overmind was created to help a space station on their operations, like the production of VX3 robots. However, when Overmind gained complete sentience, all he could see was the world in his egotistical sense. He started to believe that all organic life are becoming outdated and must be destroyed. So, Overmind turned against his creators and killed most of them, only a handful of survivors left. In order to stop his genocidal plans, they then sabotaged his thrusters and shut down the space station, which put Overmind in a deep sleep, and abandoned it completely completely delaying Overmind's plans and ending his threat for a long time.

Outlaw Armaggon

Following a recent attack by Armaggon, the Hamato turtle siblings, who are Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, as well as their allies April O' Neil, Casey Jones and Professor "Fugitoid" Zayton Honeycutt come to the abandoned space station. They walk around the station and witness the remains of the crew after wondering why the station was abandoned. They reactivate it, which awakens Overmind. Upon gaining sentience, it feigns gratitude and introduces itself and asks how it can help. Raphael tells to ask him to go on and defeat Armaggon, to which it denies the request as it tells its true purpose to build VX3 robots. Donnie asks what kind, to which it tells that the factory was meant to build the best kind of robots in the galaxy. April then asks what happened to the crew, to which it tells its "assumption" that the remaining crew shut down the station. Donnie is then shocked hearing the word "remaining", to which Overmind lies that when the warbots gained sentience, they deemed the crew to be weak and wiped most of them out. Creeped out, the rest decide they should just fight Armaggon rather than seeking shelter in a questionable place. Fugitoid thanks it before Overmind secretly zaps him. Out of fear, Fugitoid tried running away from them and enters the Warbot factory.

Meanwhile Armaggon enters the main factory control, to which Overmind introduces itself and tells its objective to eliminate the turtles, to which Overmind accepts, sending some warbots to attack the Turtles, Casey and April, and they lose. Armaggon enjoys the victory until receiving orders from Lord Dregg to keep them alive. Just as he orders Overmind to stop the attack, it has already sent a warbot, to which it reveals what actually happened to the crew as it expresses its supremacist views on organic life. It then has the Turtles, April and Casey binded, before revealing tis possession of Fugitoid and its intent to use the Fugitoid ship to take over all mechanical life and wipe out all organic life in the universe. Leo then tries to tell Fugitoid to fight it so they can save Earth, to which it tells Earth is irrelevant and has them forcibly roboticized into drones. The roboticization of the teens' heads was nearly complete until Armaggon, wanting his money and tired of the warbots, saves them.

Overmind then reveals its hardrive, binding Fugitoid to it and also reveals its other robots, sending them to attack. Its bots won the battle and as they are nearly wiped out, April tries using her psychic powers to connect with Professor Honneycutt to try fighting Overmind's control, after a few attempts, succeeded and Fugitoid is back. Overmind, angered by this, successfully takes over Fugitoid's ship to escape the station. Donnie then suggests Fugitoid to use his fusion core, to which Fugitoid, warning him about the damage, then agrees when he knows the intention. Overmind then tries to take over him again, but Fugitoid uses his core to overload it. Overmind now starts crumbling apart. Everyone else except Leo and Armaggon leave as Leo battles the latter to save the rest from his clutches. During the battle, Armaggon accidentally crashes his ship into Overmind's drive and destroys it, which also blows up the station, finally ending Overmind's threat for good.


You are organic. Overmind has deemed all organics to be... obsolete!
~ Overmind revealing his true nature.

Overmind is an selfish egotist who has a god complex and looks down upon others. He is extremely xenophobic considering he views organic life as weak and seeks to eliminate every one of them. Considering he is an AI, he is very intelligent able to deceive the Turtles, April, Casey, Fugitoid and Armaggon into thinking he is an ally for them, and knows when to strike Fugitoid and try taking over his conscious at the right time. This proves Overmind to be extremely traitorous considering his betrayal of Armaggon and lacks any redeeming qualities compared to many other villains in the series. And due to his status as an AI, Overmind lacks emotion, not even expressing sadistic delight in doing any crime, which ultimately leads to his downfall as using emotions, April manages to have Fugitoid free himself from Overmind's control.

Overall, despite his lack of sadism, Overmind lacks the usual redeeming qualities most of the villains in the show have, and despite hislack of sadism, he proves to be a very dark villain for a "villain of the week" type.


  • Overmind serves as a homage to many AI villains of pop-culture, having a resemblance based on some traits:
    • Overmind's faux affableness resembles HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • Overmind's interest in the mechanically based ally of the Turtles resembles Antari from Monkey Team.
    • Overmind's motivation and final appearance resembles Skynet and VIKI from Terminator and I, Robot respectively.
    • Overmind's icon resembles Ultron from Marvel comics.
    • Overmind's attempt to forcibly robotize the heroes resemble The Borg from Star Treck and the Cybermen from the Doctor Who franchise.
      • Coincidentally, actors from both franchises played a role in this series.
        • Jeffrey Combs, who played Brunt, some Weyouns and Andorian Thy'lek Shran in Star Trek, also played the Rat King. Coincidentally, they share many similarities. One extreme one is that they both represent the greatest fear of the hero they are trying to take control of, Fugitoid's fear losing control to his robot assistant's computer programming to Overmind, and Splinter's fear of losing control to his rat side following his mutation to the Rat King.
        • Fugitoid himself was voiced by David Tennant, who is well known for playing the Tenth Doctor .
  • Overmind's icon also resembles the Autobot symbol from the Transformers franchise.

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