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Overseer Leonard Hume is a Warfare Overseer of the Order of the Everyman. He is the secondary antagonist and final assassination target in the Dishonored DLC The Knife of Dunwall, appearing in the mission The Surge.

Tipped off by Billie Lurk in cooperation with Delilah, Hume learns about the location of Daud's hideout in the Flooded District. He leads a company of Overseers in order to scourge the area before a bigger, organized attack on the hideout takes place. Once Daud finds out Hume has already overtaken the Commerce Building and has instructed his Overseers to interrogate captured Whalers.


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There is no special way of defeating Hume. Daud either kills him with whatever weapon he chooses or knocks him out or shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, which counts as the non-lethal way of elimination.

If Hume is eliminated non-lethally, he and the surviving overseers are taken by Daud's assassins for interrogation.


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