The Overwatch Elite are a group of recurring villains in Half Life 2.


The Overwatch Elite are reserved for critical situations involving combat. They are tougher than Overwatch Soldiers and have higher accuracy with weapons. The Overwatch Elite's most frequent weapon is the Pulse Rifle.


Every solider is covered from head to toe in enhanced body armor. They wear black boots which also covers the lower part of their legs. In addition, they wear lightly dark gloves. Above, a patch of the insignia is located on their biceps. The rest of the body armor is mostly white. Compared to Overwatch Soldiers, the Overwatch Elite wear different helmets. For example, their breathing apparatus is smaller. Two domes on the Helmet surrounding the ears. Furthermore, they have only one eye which is red.


Combine Soldiers

The Overwatch Elite is are more powerful than the Overwatch Soldiers. Despite their difference, both sides will occasionally work together. Other times, the Overwatch Elite fight alone.

Wallace Breen

Wallace Breen is the commander of the Overwatch Elite. Some of the soldiers serve as Breen's personal bodyguards.


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