The Overwatch Elite are a group of recurring villains in Half Life 2.


The Overwatch Elite is an organization of highly trained and modified soldiers. They are intended to terminate serious threats in City 17 such as Gordon Freeman. Some of them serve as bodyguards of Wallace Breen. Compared to the Overwatch Soldiers, the Overwatch Elite are stronger and possess higher accuracy.


Every soldier is covered from head to toe in white body armor. They wear black boots which cover most of their legs. In addition, they wear dark gloves. A patch of their insignia is located on their biceps. Compared to Overwatch Soldiers, the Overwatch Elite wear different helmets. Their breathing apparatuses are smaller. Also, they have only one eye which is red.


Combine Soldiers

The Combine Soldiers serve a similar role but on a lesser scale. Both factions will occasionally work together. Otherwise, the Overwatch Elite work alone.

Wallace Breen

Wallace Breen is the commander of the Overwatch Elite.


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