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Do I think all of this if your fault? Oh, you bet ya I do, one hundred percent!
~ Owen Armstrong has a go at his protégé Gary Windass to the point where he blames the latter for their ordeal with Pat Phelan.

Owen Armstrong is a fictional character and anti-villain of the British soap opera Coronation Street, appearing from June 2010 to April 2015. Despite serving as one of the show's central characters who was not an outright antagonist, he was portrayed as an anti-heroic individual who was mostly known for his short temper and volatile behavior.

He was a central character in 2010 and went on to serve as a anti-hero in 2011-2013 and one of the protagonists in 2014-2015.

He was the former fiancé of established character Anna Windass, the employer of Anna's son Gary Windass, the father of Izzy Armstrong and Katy Armstrong, the parental grandfather of Jake Windass and Joseph Brown, a father figure to Anna's daughter Faye Windass, and an old acquaintance of Anna's would-be nemesis and tormenting rapist Pat Phelan.

He was portrayed by Ian Puleston-Davies.


Owen was first introduced in June 2010 as the father of Izzy Armstrong, a wheelchair bound factory worker, whom he was overprotective over. She had a fallen out with him just prior to his arrival, however was willing to hear him out and gave Owen another chance. Owen also has a second daughter, Katy, whom he moved into Victoria Street with the following month when starting work at the Builder's Yard (and later acquiring it).

Over the course of the series he got involved with resident Anna Windass, former a brief partnership with sleazy associate Pat Phelan, and eventually left the street when both outcomes concluded against his odds.

Despite mostly being a loving family man and devoted father, Owen still had a lot of flaws and was known for having a short temper and could be quite unpleasant. Please note that as with many soap characters, certain viewers may interpret these scenarios differently and not consider it outright bad:

  • In 2010 when Owen was dating Liz McDonald he was jealous of her ex-husband Jim McDonald sniffing around for her, so had his team of builders beat Jim up to threaten him to stay away.
  • In 2012 he slapped his girlfriend Anna's daughter Faye after she killed his fish and she didn't like him (at the time) being in the house.
  • In 2014 he goaded Anna's son Gary about not having a job, causing the desperate lad to rob the local cafe and get injured by cafe owner Roy Cropper. However taunting Gary may have been justified from Owen's perspective as Gary was the one who beat up Pat Phelan, albeit with fair reasons, due to Phelan figuratively raping Anna and caused him to blackmail the family, leading to them being bankrupt.
  • In 2015, it turned out he had deliberately cut off contact with his ex-wife from seeing their daughters when she cheated on him and left them. However to some this maybe justified as he was heartbroken.