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Owl Monster, whose real name is Iwaki, is the main antagonist of episode 10 of The Kagestar.

He is portrayed by Junichi Takagi.


Owl Monster committed a series of robberies stealing money. The purpose of these robberies was to disperse the police and keep them distracted from his true goal, which was to steal money from the company Marushiba Denko that was being kept for their employees' salaries. However, Kagestar and Bellestar began investigating the case and were able to defeat and capture him.

However, at some point Iwaki was presumably freed by the Satan Empire and turned back into the Owl Monster before being recruited to join their army of monsters for a final attempt to kill Kagestar and Bellestar. Owl Monster was part of the monsters Todogirasu brought with him to attack Kagestar. The monsters were able to defeat Kagestar and freeze him, but he was saved by Kagerobee and unfrozen by Bellestar.

After Doctor Satan and Todogirasu kidnapped Kageo and Suzuko's child friends, Owl Monster and the other 9 monsters that had been brought back faced Kagestar and Bellestar again. He was defeated again and thrown onto the pile of defeated monsters.


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