The Owl Orphnoch is a professor at the Yamanote Music University and a secret Orphnoch who appears as an antagonist in the seventh and eighth episodes of Kamen Rider 555.


A professor of music and an Orphnoch, the Professor saw humans as unfit to have musical talents greater than his own and thus targeted any of his students who displayed promising talents. Among those he targeted included Naoya Kaido, whose motorcycle the Professor sabotaged so that when Kaido rode it he got into a crash that left him unable to play the guitar.

He at one point encountered Kamen Rider Faiz and was beaten back, but escaped by creating a smokescreen of black gas. However, he was attacked soon after by Yuji Kiba, a friend of Kaido, in retaliation for hurting his friend. He met his end when Kiba finished him off with his sword.

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