Stop being a coward, Igam! The Emperor wants us to die, so it's an honor for us to rest in peace for him! [...] Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Zero! Underground Castle, taking off!!
~ Oyobu's final words before the explosion of the Underground Castle

Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobu is a ninja of the Underground Empire Tube serving as the subordinate of Commander Baraba and a supporting antagonist in Hikari Sentai Maskman.


A ninja of the Buyon Tribe, Oyobu joined the Tube Empire and served under Commander Baraba, acting as his right-hand. He often accompanied his superior into battles with the Maskman.

During one mission, Oyobu and Baraba teamed up with Thief Knight Kiros to recover the frozen body of Princess Iyal. He was frozen in ice but managed to escape using his fire powers. Kiros later attempted to get Oyobu to free Iyal from her frozen prison with his flame powers, but Oyobu opted to attack Kiros instead.

As Zeba prepared to raise the Underground Castle to the surface to spread darkness across the Earth, Oyobu manned the controls for the Underground Castle's launch. He ended up dying during the processs as Zeba deemed the sacrifice of his subordinates necessary to raise the castle.



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