Years apart only made my love for you stronger. And deep down I knew you would find a way to get me out. Just like you saved me from becoming that warlord's killing machine when I was a girl. You've shown me what true freedom means.
~ P'Li thanking Zaheer for saving her.

P'Li is Zaheer's lover and one of the secondary antagonists in Book 3 of The Legend of Korra. She is a vicious assassin & second-in-command of the Red Lotus, a group of individuals who are currently pursuing Avatar Korra. She has similar abilities to Combustion Man from the predecessor series.

She is portrayed by Kristy Wu.



When P'Li was a young girl, she met and fell in love with Zaheer when he saved her from becoming a killing machine for a warlord, joining the Red Lotus afterwards. P'Li, along with Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua, attempted to kidnap Korra when she was a young girl, until they were defeated by Tonraq, Sokka, Zuko, and Tenzin. They were each placed in individual prisons built to dampen their bending abilities, and when questioned as to their motive for kidnapping Korra, none of them gave answers. In order to avoid suspicion as a member of the Red Lotus, Unalaq aided in the construction of P'Li's prison in the Northern Water Tribe.

Legend of Korra

I've waited thirteen years to feel this warm.
~ P'Li firebending after 13 years in prison
Tumblr inline n6udq6jBnY1r525wt

P'Li while in her prison cell

Previously detained in a Northern Water Tribe prison, her cohorts; Zaheer, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan, managed to bust her out. They also successfully overwhelmed Zuko, Tonraq, Desna, and Eska. She and Zaheer then shared a passionate kiss, much to the discomfort of Ghazan.

After the group's reunion, she proves to be a dangerous enemy, her combustion appearing far more accurate and deadly than that of Combustion Man's. When the group is escaping Republic City, she is seen taking out police cars with explosions, and when the group discovers Korra is in Zaofu, she displays that she can even shoot her combustion around corners. However, Bolin temporarily disables her combustion by hitting her third eye with a small pebble. When Zaheer sends Ghazan and Ming-Hua after Korra at the Misty Palms Inn, she insists on staying with the airbender and guarding his physical body while he is in the Spirit World.

When the Red Lotus attacks the Northern Air Temple, she is the only one who remains on the airship, scaring off the bison, trapping the airbenders and nearly killing Kai while he is distracting her. When Korra surrenders herself to the Red Lotus, she chains Korra in platinum cuffs, telling her she can't metalbend out of them.

P'Li's Death

P'Li's Death

She dies shortly after trying to kill Lin, when Suyin encases her head in metal armor, causing her combustion to backfire blowing herself up, much to Zaheer's horror. With P'Li's death, Zaheer was finally free from all earthly attachments and allowed him to unlock Guru Laghima's unique ability to fly without using bending.



  • P'Li is one of the few antagonist in the series known to have a tragic history, the other is Amon.
  • P'Li is the tallest female character in the series.
  • P'Li is the only member of her group not to have an archenemy.


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