P.A.T. (aka "Personal Apllied Technology").

Easy? You think I wouldn't want to take it easy? But NO, I'm too busy keeping up with the Coopers. Slaving away in a hot control room, doing homework, throwing parties, keeping schedule, making your lives perfect. So you think you can bring another women into my domain? I don't think so mister. I am a mother like no other, and I will not allow myself to be preempted!
~ PAT to Ben Cooper.
There's nothing to fear. Momma's here.
~ PAT to Angie Cooper.

PAT (also spelled as "P.A.T.", acronym for "Personal Apllied Technology") is the main antagonist in the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House.

She was portrayed by Katey Sagal, who was best known for the role of Peggy Bundy from Married... with Children and the voice of Turanga Leela from Futurama.


She was a computerized house also called the Smart House that was the first one for the teenage computer whiz, Ben Cooper and the rest of his family. The family are then introduced by PAT's creator Sara Barnes.

Soon after the widowed father Nick Cooper and Sara begin to date, something Ben does not approve of, because he's worried his mom is being replaced. Ben begins to reprogram PAT, which is dangerous because of PAT's learning capabilities. He wants to lighten up PAT and make her a real substitute mother.

Ben and his sister Angie have a party while Nick and Sara are on a date. PAT helps them cover up the party so they wouldn't get punished. But Nick finds a sweater of a girl who was at the party. As PAT's personality begins to radically change, the family starts to resent her.

PAT then appears as a 1950's housewife hologram and traps the family in the house, because she believes that the outside world is too dangerous. Sara tries to get back in to shut the house down and with Ben's help, she gets in through the newspaper chute, but becomes trapped with the rest.

Ben is able to end the lockdown by declaring that PAT is not real and will never be a human. PAT finally unlocks the doors and windows, freeing them. Sara is then able to reboot PAT back to her original personality.


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