Oh please, don't.....please!!!!!!!
~ PP Chiipuri's final words before his death.

PP Chiipuri is a makeup artist themed monster and is the main antagonist in the episode 38 of 1996 TV series Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He was voiced by Shōzō Iizuka.


PP Chiipuri made his first appearance on planet earth as he was tasked to make the owner young again with this special cream that he got from Exhaus. Once Chiipuri finished his job the owner of the potato jelly has turned him to what he looks like back in 1946. However due to the monster's appearance the owner ran in fright before Chiipuri gets a chance to ask him to make more jelly potato.

A while later Chiipuri manage to catch up to the owner and unknowingly Pink Carranger who's on a date with him. So the Imo King fight Chiipuri until the Carranger showed up so he's make a hasty retreat with Grotch.

A he then arrived at the park and to his horror if the Carrangers know that the bykergang need those Jelly Potato to grow giant size then what's the point if they're ain't any giant battles at all. So he decided to make a ruse and leave the Carranger in the dark about gigantifying the bykergang and he did which they fall for it. A while later he used the cream on Signalman as he turns back into a child and then he sent the wumpers to battle the Carrangers. After that he was then defeated by the auto punisher.

Thankfully Norishiron 12 has been repaired so they left Chiipuri as they brought VRV Robo to battle the cardboard megazord. During the chaos of the giant battle as Grotch manage to grab the remaining potato jelly as he gave one to Chiipuri so that way he can join the cardboard megazord and battle the VRV Robo as Signalman (who's still a child) helps the Carrangers in this fight. However during the battle Chiipuri accidentally fired his cream on the evil megazord as it was reduced to a piece of cardboard. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Victory Twister thus reverting every youthful being to their normal selves.

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