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Pa is one of the main antagonists in Wrong Turn 2 and is the patriarch of the Odet Family.

He was portrayed by Ken Kirzinger, best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th film franchise, as well as Rusty Nail in Joy Ride 3.


Pa was the first son of Maynard Odet and Delilah Odet, his siblings are Three Finger, Saw Tooth, One Eye, and Ma (Who is also his wife). His children are Brother, Sister, and Three Toe.

Pa is first seen when he attacks and kidnaps Colonel Dale Murphy along with Three Finger who torture him while he hangs upside down. However, thanks to Murphy's military training, he's able to escape and shoot Three Finger into a lake, thinking he's dead.

Later on, when Mara and Nina escape Ma and Sister's shack, Pa expertly throws an axe into Mara's head, killing her. He then ties her body onto the hood of his truck and chews on her severed finger.

Along with Ma, he also kidnaps M after stabbing him in the shoulder with one of his arrows in his RV.

When Amber and Jonesy get captured in one of his traps, he teaches his excited son Brother how to use an bow to kill people, which he successfully manages to accomplish and making Pa proud of his son in the process.

After Nina and Jake find the RV and discover Ma killed M, Pa ambushes them and kidnaps both of them. He then ties Nina to a chair with barbed wire and forces her to join him and his family for their dinner after a quick unintelligible prayer, showing he's quite religious.

After Murphy kills both of his children with an explosive arrow and Ma shows him their clothes, they both fly into a rage and kill him after he helps Nina and Jake escape.

After a brief fight with Nina and Jake, both him and Ma are knocked into a tree de-barker, killing them both and grinding their bodies into nothing but gory slop.


  • Mara Stone - Hit in the head with an axe thrown by Pa.
  • Colonel Dale Murphy - Shot in the back with two arrows by Pa, weighted barbed wire wrapped around his neck by Ma, quickly bleeds to death.





  • Pa might be the only mutated cannibal in the entire Wrong Turn film series to say any actual words. When Pa is looking for Nina when she escapes without Jake but is interrupted by Ma, he says something that sounds like an annoyed "fuck".


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