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Wrong kid died!!!
~ Pa Cox

Pa Cox is the father of Dewey Cox and the main antagonist in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. He was portrayed by Raymond J. Barry.


When his elder son, Nate died in 1946, he immediately blamed his other son Dewey and told him that he wasn't half the boy Nate is.

Dewey thinks he's a quarter of an inch Nate is.

All Pa kept repeating to Dewey was "The wrong kid died!!!". Years later, he trains his body and mind to kill Dewey in a machete fight.

Dewey that he needs to tell Pa that he loves him, which Dewey does. Although Dewey's father appreciates his courage to say it, he decides the only way to settle their disagreement is to fight to the death with machetes. He says, "The Right Kid is Going to Died Today!" However, Pa accidentally cuts himself in half. Just before he dies, the senior Cox - realizing how easy it is for someone to accidentally be cut in half with a machete - forgives Dewey, and tells him to be a better father than he was.

His last words, "Dewey I love..." Dewey yells, "You love what?!"