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You knew she was trans. Cut the bull---t. And you turned your back on her when she needed you the most. You know what the worst part is? That you actually loved her. And that's why you feel like s--t, man. That's why you keep going over and over after María. You don't have the f---king balls to face the truth, man.
~ Raúl explaining Pablo's violent behaviour.
~ Pablo's furious response to Raúl returning to the school.
~ Pablo's villainous breakdown as he finds out that Raúl has been hiding Gerry from the police for Luis's murder.

Pablo García is the secondary antagonist of the 2020 Netflix TV series Control Z, serving as a major antagonist of the first season, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Alex) of the second season, and will return in some capacity in the upcoming third season.

He is a handsome popular high school student who used to date queen bee Isabela de la Fuente, a trans girl. However, this came to an end when the hacker revealed her secret, leading Pablo to unwillingly betray her by pretending not to know this, even getting worse when the hacker exposes him as an unfaithful boyfriend, which prompts Pablo to repeatedly ask for her forgiveness.

He is portrayed by Andrés Baida.


Before the Series

Pablo's mother got pregnant of him at a very young age and her mother, also Pablo's grandmother, was against it and told her to make an abortion, although she refused and decided to keep him. At some point, Pablo met Isabela and started dating her, being one of the few people to know about Isabela's transgender identity. He and Isabela are famous at the National School for their relationship, as they are constantly making out in every corner, including recess, the halls and their clasroom, aside from also hanging out with the popular crowd consisting of Gerry, Dario, Ernesto, Rosita, Natalia, Maria and Raúl who often playfully tease them because of it. According to Sofia, they are known as the "high school sweethearts" and usually spend 15 minutes inside the janitor's closet having sex. However, Pablo cheated on Isabela with her best friend Maria, keeping their affair a secret to everyone and Isabela.

Season 1

Pablo and Isabela are seen making out inside the janitor's closet where Isabela tells Pablo she considers telling her friends Natalia and Maria about her trans identity, to which Pablo is seemingly hesitant because if one of them knows, then the whole school would know too and also fearing what might his male friends think of them. Isabela states that she will tell them because she doesn't want to lie to them. Later on, while Quintanilla is giving a presentation to the school students about how to properly use their cellphones, however, instead of the topic a video about Isabela's birthday during her days as a boy is shown, thus revealing her secret to the entire school before she runs out of the auditorium in tears and explains to Natalia and Maria why she had to keep the secret for so long. Pablo runs to check on her, with Isabela emerging from the ladies' restroom and wanting to embrace Pablo, who after seeing Gerry, Dario and Ernesto in front of them, backs away in shame and feigns ignorace about Isabela's secret, publicly breaking up with her, just as Gerry and his goons start mocking Isabela. "You're an idiot!", Isabela yells at Pablo and storms off, with Natalia pushing him aside. The hacker then texts Isabela if she wants to get revenge on Pablo for his betrayal, including her treacherous former friends Raúl, Natalia and Gerry who all parttook in revealing her secret, leading the infuriated Isabela to reply "yes".

The next day, the secrets of the hackers' targets come out, including Pablo, who is exposed as an unfaithful boyfriend to Isabela due to nude pics of him implying that he has been having an affair (while he was still dating her) with another girl, only known as the "Honey Bunny", resulting in Pablo becoming the laughingstock of the whole student body because of his large dick, also shown in a clasroom board which he quickly erases. Because of this, Pablo immediately regrets what he did before and tries to get back with Isabela. Gerry still mocks Isabela, starting a fight between him, Pablo, Raúl, Natalia and Javier, with Isabela calling both Natalia and Raúl out for aligning themselves with the hacker and Pablo trying to calm her down, to no avail. After Gerry refuses to relent, Isabela makes a childish tantrum and throws a glass vase at him, which he dodges, leading the outraged Gabriela, the Biology teacher, to have them all summoned to the principal's office to sort out their issues. Pablo is the first to enter, with Gerry sarcastically applauding him while Lulú, Quintanilla's secretary, stares at him in amusement. Quintanilla understands that Pablo did what he did to defend Isabela, but that he must understand that violence is not tolerated at the school, yet Pablo informs him that they broke up and Quintanilla says that's exactly why he's sorry, then telling him that everyone is making comments about his dick.

Pablo apologizes to Isabela for everything, to which she asks if it's about either his cheating, denying her secret or dumping her in front of everyone. He insists that he wants to make things right with her, but she won't listen to any of his excuses. After Luis falsely claims to being the hacker (so that Gerry, Dario and Ernesto won't bully him anymore), Pablo unwillingly drives them over to Luis's, with Gerry wanting to get revenge on Luis as he assumes this to be true. Ernesto thinks Pablo is defending Luis when noticing him hesitant to go through with the act, which Pablo denies, as he is only asking Gerry not take things too far. They are overheard by Javier who follows suit. When they finally catch up to Luis and Sofia, the three of them step out of his car and chase Luis while Pablo just watches nervously. Before they can reach him any further though, Javier fortunately arrives and deliberately crashes the car he was driving to buy some time for Luis to escape, attracting the attention of a police officer who knows Luis. Gerry attacks Javier until the officer scares them away, forcing Gerry, Dario and Ernesto to flee the scene in Pablo's car. Later on, the real hacker arranges a fight between Luis and Gerry, who is locked up by Quintanilla until he sends everyone home, but is resumed when Alex releases him. The hacker sends Luis lines to his cellphone for him to speak, provoking the entire students and Pablo. As the fight escalates, Pablo and Raúl attempt to stop Gerry from harming Luis, to no avail as they are held back by Dario and Ernesto and ends after Gerry punches Luis hard and causes him to fall and hit the pavement, much to his shock and the others'. Pablo and Raúl blame Dario and Ernesto for the incident, but the two side with Gerry, insisting that the hard hit didn't happen until the end. Even after Gerry shows up at Raúl's party, Pablo tells him he is not welcome there after what he did and, this time, Dario and Ernesto defect from Gerry's command since people at the school are starting to give them the cold shoulder for aligning themselves in their former friend's schemes. Gerry asks them if they are joking, but they can only respond with silence, leading Gerry to almost attack them but then leaves, disappointed that they no longer trust him.

Meanwhile, Pablo is still saddened because of Isabela and Raúl gives him a drink to drown his sorrows, before meeting with Maria privately, revealing herself to be the Honey Bunny. She makes it clear to Pablo that they have to end their affair as to not hurt Isabela's feelings, saying that she didn't know about Isabela's secret, but Pablo refutes that she did know that Isabela was his girlfriend. Despite briefly agreeing, Maria can't help give in to temptation and they start having sex. Nevertheless, Pablo still misses Isabela as he sees her sitting with Alex, to whom she apologizes for treating her unfairly when she wanted to defend her in the restroom. Natalia gives him her lunch to try and cheer Pablo up.

During the NONA party, Pablo sees Isabela arriving, with Dario and Ernesto poking fun at her and Alex. Ernesto asks Pablo how long has his relationship with Isabela lasted, but Pablo doesn't want to hear about it and leaves. He crosses paths with Maria, who informs her that she is pregnant and that the baby is his. However, instead of helping Maria, Pablo simply ditches her and this drives him more desperate to get Isabela back one last time. Despite Isabela's rejections, Pablo tries to get her to listen, but turning violent when she pushes and slaps him so he tries to rape her, only to be stopped by Maria, Pablo yelling at her to mind her own business. Pablo then spitefully reveals to Isabela about Maria being the Honey Bunny, causing Isabela to end her friendship with her. When everyone finds out that Raúl is the hacker, Pablo gets furious and beats up his former friend in retaliation and is held back by Dario and Ernesto. Just then, Raúl retrieves his phone and ends up revealing the secrets of everyone else, including Alex, Maria, Javier and Sofia. The students consequently fight each other over the leaked secrets while Raúl seizes the altercation to escape. Pablo then witnesses with the other students Javier's accident after being accidentally shot by Gerry, who threatened Raúl after finding out he is the hacker.

Season 2

Shortly after Javier is shot, Raúl speeds away in his motorcycle, with Pablo staring at him menacingly. Following the NONA party, Pablo and some classmates still vilify Raúl for his role as the hacker by angrily throwing stuff at his house. Two months later, Pablo returns to the school, wanting to reconcile with Maria, who now refuses to speak to him after turning his back on her just like he did with Isabela when he pretended not to know she was trans. Both of them clash over the child: Maria considers doing an abortion but Pablo instead wants to keep it. Pablo also saw no problem in bringing up the argument in front of their friends. He also grows jealous due to the newfound friendship Maria has with Claudia, who went through the same situation as her and whom he warns to stay away from Maria, but she brushes off his threats and tells Pablo to sort out his toxic masculinity. He later finds out that Maria aborted the child, following an incident in which she almost overdosed, and is quick to suspect that Claudia convinced her to do so.

When Raúl returns to the school like nothing happened, Pablo is the first one to greet him in a violent manner, beating him up until the fight is broken up by Güero, the P.E. teacher. Pablo again does the same outburst as Raúl exits the building when some students start harassing him, with the encounter turning violent when they start assaulting him, including Pablo, who is tried to be unsuccessfully stopped by Sofía, Javier, Darío and Ernesto, to no avail. When the fight seems to be incessant, Sofía, to attract Quintanilla, deliberately makes some of the cars's alarms go off, thus scaring away the students into retreating to their homes and Darío and Ernesto holding Pablo back and walking him off as he keeps on screaming at and cursing Raúl with blood in his face.

For most of the season, Pablo's violent rampages meet no boundaries as this starts to become a habit of his, at some points during Rosita's birthday party at her house, when Raúl is in the toilets (which resulted in Pablo getting suspended for a few days), but also his motives are more than bigger when this is repeated at a massive queer club where he finds Raúl with Sofía and Gerry, who is currently wanted by the police for murdering Luis, leading him to realize that Raúl has been harboring him all this time, but mistakenly assuming that Sofía was his accomplice (having had suspicions when he spied on, followed them and sent a picture of them to Javier to further damage the already broken trust between them due to her constant closeness to Raúl), when in reality Sofía only needed him to locate the Avenger, an unknown hacker who has been terrorizing the student body for wronging Luis. As Pablo starts cursing Raúl for protecting a killer and beats him up, Gerry seizes the altercation to escape while Raúl follows suit, with Pablo angrily pushing Sofía out of the way when she tries to stop him, only to be forcefully removed from the club by the bouncers, thus failing to catch up to Gerry, who is sent away by Raúl. Nevertheless, Pablo still manages to get the incriminating evidence of Gerry's meeting with Raúl and Sofía, as a result turning most of the students (even Alex and the principal Susana) against Sofía for sticking up for Raúl after everything he did to the school.

Pablo once again shows up at the school looking for Raúl, but Claudia lets him know he is not there and asks him what else is he willing to risk (aside from his suspension from school) if he continues with this attitude. Pablo states that he is not done with him yet, referring to Raúl as "that as--ole". When he does arrive by climbing through the house, Pablo again beats Raúl, leaving him seriously injured. Asking for Gerry's whereabouts (not knowing he isn't living there anymore), Raúl laughs in disbelief, suspecting Pablo to be the Avenger and responsible for stealing his money, which Pablo denies knowing about, before he smashes a glass table with a baseball bat. Pablo then wants to force a confession out of Raúl for the hacking to the school, hiding Gerry from the police and the Avenger, but Raúl blatantly refuses to comply, prompting Pablo to fly into his vengeful rage until Gerry suddenly arrives to knock Pablo out and get him off of Raúl. As they are recovering, it is very obvious that Pablo's new habit stems from the bitterness he has over losing Isabela, whom he still truly loves despite their previous disagreement, ever since Raúl leaked her secret, being the reason why he is so worthless and keeps on hassling Maria. Raúl criticizes Pablo for not having the guts to face the truth and open up about this, ultimately goading Pablo into smacking him one last time because, for him, the feud is over. After a brief moment of silence, Pablo obliges and leaves, telling Gerry and Raúl to look out for themselves, and mockingly telling Raúl to take care of his blackened eye.

During nightfall, Pablo goes to see Maria, who doesn't let him in and drags him outside asking what does he want. Pablo tells her he's sorry for everything and asks her to forgive him, which she does before turning back to her house, but Pablo begs her not to give him the cold shoulder and to listen to him, to probably open up about the past situation with Isabela. However, Maria interrupts him at this, calling out his selfishness in not wanting to acknowledge what she truly wants, and now what she wants is for him to go to hell and leave her alone. Just then, Maria is informed that her sister Natalia has been kidnapped for failing to pay a bigger debt she owed to some drug dealers, who threaten to harm her should Maria get the police involved. Maria starts crying and Pablo wants to know what happened just as Claudia arrives, believing that Pablo was bothering her again until Maria lets Claudia know about her sister's kidnapping. Pablo then drives them over to the school, while waiting outside for them to retrieve the money (stolen by the Avenger, revealed to be Alex, from Raúl) hidden in Luis's locker. However, their return takes longer than expected when they are caught by Susana demanding to know what are they doing, and also when Javier's yelling attracts their attention and leads the trio up the roof where Javier holds Raúl at gunpoint, demanding the money as well to save Natalia, and Sofía trying to stop him, having deduced that he had tipped them off. As the six of them get into a scuffle over the money, Pablo texts Maria asking her what's taking so long when a money bill reaches his hand. As Pablo looks at it in confusion, he sees more bills dropping and hears a thud, turning out to be Susana, who apparently fell off by accident (or someone pushed her) to her doom in the ensuing fight. Pablo immediately runs to her, wallowing in sadness over the principal's death before looking up the roof to see Sofía, Raúl and María there. Cued by María nodding her head and leaving Susana to bleed out, Pablo snatches up the money and drives off to rescue Natalia.



  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed grandmother
  • Unborn child † (with María Alexander)




Isabela: I was...I was thinking that I should tell my friends.
Pablo: Really?
Isabela: Hey. You knew I was going to tell them. If I've held out, it's more for you than for me, but I'm not a liar. Do you understand?
Pablo: Of course, I understand, babe, I really do, have to understand
me. We both know your friends. You tell one of them and the whole school finds out. Besides, there are mostly idiots in this school.
Isabela: Those idiots are your friends.
Pablo: Well, that's why. I know what I'm talking about.
~ Pablo voicing his concern over Isabela's decision to come out as trasngender to her friends
Pablo: Why did you do this to me?.
Isabela: I don't understand.
Gerry: Look, the thing is we didn't know you had a penis.
Isabela: Shut up, asshole!.
Pablo: You lied to me.
Isabela: Of course I didn't.
Pablo: I
trusted you.
Gerry: Fucking gross.
Natalia: Shut up!
Isabela: You're an idiot!
~ Pablo feigning ignorace about Isabela's secret in front of Gerry, Darío and Ernesto who all make fun of her
Pablo: So that's how it is now? You won't talk to me anymore?.
Isabela: I don't mind talking to you, Pablo. I just have nothing to say to you.
Pablo: Isa, I'm sorry. You have no idea how much I'm sorry for all of it.
Isabela: For what? For cheating on me? For denying you knew my secret? Or for publicly dumping me?.
Pablo: I just want us to make things right. Isa. Let's go have some dinner after school. But please let me explain. Really...I miss you.
Isabela: I just needed time, Pablo. But I dodged a bullet.
~ Pablo unsuccessfully trying to apologize to Isabela for his previous behaviour after the hacker outed her
Pablo: What's up? You wanted to talk?.
María: Yeah. Don't text me anymore.
Pablo: Then don't answer, Honey Bunny.
María: Stop calling me that, please.
Pablo: Why? You liked it before.
María: Before I knew about Isabela.
Pablo: But you knew she was my girlfriend.
María: Don't you feel bad doing this while she's having such a hard time?
Pablo: Okay. We'll stop then.
María: Yeah?
Pablo: Yeah. [María leans on Pablo and starts touching him] Remember you wore the same dress last time?
María: Remind me.
~ Pablo being convinced by María, who is revealed to be the Honey Bunny, to put an end to their affair for the sake of her friendship with Isabela, before the two of them give in to temptation and start having sex


  • To prepare for his role as Pablo, Andrés Baida had to work out for several months and gain big pounds of muscle since the physical description stated that Pablo had a muscular figure, which Baida himself lacked by the time he was offered the role.
  • Pablo is shown to be a complete misogynist as he had attempted to rape Isabela during the NONA party in a desperate attempt to get back with her and ditched María, whom he was having an affair with behind Isabela's back, after breaking the news about her being pregnant with his child, not to mention also his distrustulness of Claudia, who is actually supporting María as she had gone through a similar situation, and him being completely opposed to María's decision to abort the child. Even shoving Sofía to the ground in his vain attempt to turn Gerry in to the police was completely out of malice, although this was the first and only time they ever interacted with each other. He is also a hypocrite given that he had known for a long time about Isabela being trans but falsely denied it and publicly broke up with her after she was outed by the hacker, then also repeatedly trying to apologize to Isabela after his own secret came out and doing the same with María over her pregnancy. In addition, he refused to acknowledge that he had brought up these miseries upon himself, which is until Raúl lectures him about it later on.
  • Though Alex is the main antagonist of the second season, Pablo had a lot of screen time and was proven to be more evil and dangerous than her due to both his violent rampages against Raúl and controlling misogynist attitude towards María, including his attempted rape on Isabela during the NONA party. Thus, Pablo is the most evil villain in the series overall, even more than Raúl who is arguably the main antagonist of the plot itself.
    • Because of this, Pablo was suspected by the audience to be the Avenger, even by Raúl himself, who also assumed that he was the one who had stolen all of his money, which was immediately proven wrong when Pablo truthfully denied knowing about said theft.
  • Even if Pablo had succeeded in getting evidence from Gerry's whereabouts, it wouldn't have mattered, as the picture he took of him, Raúl and Sofía was at nightclub instead of Raúl's place, the very specific location where he was actually being harbored, thus making the student body completely drop the matter about Sofía's supposed involvement in the scheme, probably even supported by her "accident" from the Avenger that got her hospitalized, which was later spread by Rosita. Nevertheless, Susana was still suspicious of Sofía, who again truthfully maintained her innocence.
    • Pablo's desperation to find Gerry and turn him in also proves that he actually did not care about getting justice for Luis and only did so out of personal gain. His video telling everyone about what Raúl has been up to confirms this when he only mentions Gerry's name.
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