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Packard Walsh

Packard Walsh is the main antagonist in the 1986 action sci-fi horror thriller film The Wraith. He is portrayed by actor Nick Cassavetes.


Packard Walsh was the leader of a gang of road pirates in a small Arizona town who got his vehicles from challenging people to a race and which he cheated to win. Packard, a long with his gang members Skank, Gutterboy, Minty, Rughead, and Oggie Fisher.

Packard was feared by the people in the town, with the exception of Jamie Hankins, who Packard had an interest in Jamie's girlfriend, Keri Johnson. Packard, long with his gang, with the exception of Rughead one night ended up murdering Jamie Hankins at the Willow River with Keri being there, she was knocked out, not knowing it was Packard who killed Jamie.

Packard since then has Keri as his girlfriend, though Keri does not love him. Later on, a mysterious man named Jake Kesey shows up and things begin to change for Packard and his gang. Packard, at the river sees Jake talking to Billy Hankins, the brother of Jamie Hankins. Packard sees jake and thinks Jake has an eye out for Keri.

Later on that week, Keri, working at her her job Big Kay's Burger along with Billy Hankins, is about to get a ride home from Billy till Packard and his gang show up. Packard demands where he is taking Keri and is talking about taking Billy's car, who refuses to give it to him. A mysterious black Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor shows up of and Packard and his gang follow the car and they stop at a part of the road and ended up having a race. Oggie Fisher races the Wraith and the Wraith goes faster down the road. Oggie meets his fate when the Wraith is in the middle of the road.
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Packard(center), along with Gutterboy(left), and Skank(right) encounter the Wraith.

Packard and the rest of the gang get a visit from Sheriff Loomis and the rest of the police at the accident site who asks who it was that caused Oggie Fisher's death. Oggie's body is found and still is intact with the exception of his eyes. Packard asks Rudhead if the Digital Radio Killer is ready yet. Keri is upset about Oggie's death, but Packard is not broken up about Oggie's death. Later on that night at Packard's garage, he, Gutterboy, Skank, Rughead, and Minty encounter the Wraith, who has a shotgun and shoots up the place some and shoots Packard's corvette. The Wraith then leaves.

Later on in the week, Packard and his gang are at Big Kay's Burger and asks Gutterboy and Skank where the Wraith is at. The Wraith leaves Packard a message for him, telling Packard that he will be at Lookout Mountain Road. The Wraith appears again in his Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor. Minty decides he will be the one to race the Wraith. Packard has Rudhead attach the Digital Radio Killer to the Interceptor. The race begins and both the Wraith and MInty start the race when the cops show up. Minty loses and ends up the same way as Oggie Fisher.

Later on that night, Packard has Skank and Gutterboy follow Keri, who is with Jake and they chase after them. Skank has Gutterboy try to shoot Jake with the shotgun, but accidentally shoots the steering out, causing them to go out of control. Packard finds Skank and Gutterboy walking and is about to pick them up. The Wraith shows up again and bumps into Packard's corvette and cases him to crash into the cemetery. Packard has Skank try to shoot the Wraith, but the Wraith causes the gun to explode. Packard them sees a tombstone with his name on it.

Packard is at the garage, having sex with some woman and gets a visit from Sheriff Loomis who has a warrant for him, Skank, Gutterboy and Rughead. Sheriff Loomis is questioning them about the Wraith. He tells Packard and his gang that if they take the law into their own hands and if the killer winds up dead, Loomis will make sure that they will be in the Arizona gas chamber sniffing cyanide.

Later on that week, the Wraith kills Gutterboy and Skank while driving his Interceptor through the garage. Rughead is spared and sees the garage blow up and them killed. Packard that day goes to Big Kay's Burger to pick up Keri, to take her with him and Billy Hankins tries to intervene, but is beaten up by Packard. While driving, Keri tells Packard she is not going with him and Packard tells her otherwise. She tells Packard that she doesn't love him and rather be with Gutterboy and have his cretin kids that be with Packard. Packard pulls over and and she tells him "Packard you are pathetic". Packard sees the Wraith pull up and tells him he will race him. Packard and the Wraith race and got top speed, but the Wraith went faster and goes down the road. The Wraith got on a head collision course with Packard and both Packard and the Wraith go on a head on collision course and Packard is killed.

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