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Page One is a major antagonist in the Wano Country Arc from the anime and manga series One Piece. He is the younger brother of Ulti, he was a very high ranking member of the Beasts Pirates, being one of the Tobiroppo.

He was voiced by Yutaka Aoyama in Japanese.


Page One is a young man with purple hair at his side-cut (similar to his older sister, Ulti who's marginally shorter) shaving down in his left side at the head (whose form had the lighting shade) when he was on his right kept longer and swept down, reach into the collarbone. His angular and sharp are currently in there, green eyes are over slightly harvest, his hair are brow ridges, as pair of small, his horns is upward in his sides of the head (like his sister to, Ulti's). His tattoo of the name of the capitals block (dark blue has light green outline) frontline the upping body occupies, of the left to right tilt which has the letter P been in the right biceps, "AGE" into the chest and number one in the left side of deltopectoral groove.

He wears a don mask under the lowest face up with his nose, splits down at his middle onto the white right mask and black left mask half, as shown an laterally horning bucket hat (with matching his horns beneath) will like his mask are bicolored: white in his right and green in his left. In the meanwhile, he wears a clothes with his sports is nearing cape ankle-length holding closer from the single yellow card being to stand up collar, is has white coloring in his outside and light purple in his inside, has a dark purple hem. He wears a cape with white shirt has long, cuffing sleeves, pointing collar, and grey tie.

He wears a gloves is grey (black as a manga), tight fitting, who reaching being his elbows, as mostly hiding from he says sleeves. He wears a waistline is on a green (dark blue as a manga) abdominal wrap, his front are holding together to has baggy, knee, green pants, (lighter blue as a manga). Tuck as in the half of skirt piece onto them able coloring as a same, hang down under his upper back at the legs, who has his brown belt with has bear the golden skull buckle. He also wears a high-shafted boots in the similar tone, his pants is tucker up of his pants (dark green as a manga).


Page One is arrogant and serious man who tending despite of his older sister, Ulti. Across his peering and spurious, it's might be slighting meeker, display, driving as following objected has the single-mind and nonsense approaching were not joining as results level as himself from his being one of the Tobiroppo. He was to be a exasperated of his sister Ulti's quirky antics, expect Page One who would their devolve onto respecting coward highest authorities, and was flustering from her childish despite as attention from him.

However, he showing while as combat himself confident fully at the powerful, of not display to arrogant, and having being seems has the wildest, more than side to himself. Believe as his anything rebelled battle the administration at Wano Country would be make it for example in, Page One had no qualms about his power pirate unlike him been send to deal has much than matter. He is wills to using as hunting of the single defiant food at Sanji of the excuse from attack and devouring of contenting in multiple food stand at the Flower Capital, asking they owners to screaming from the offender for showing him as their wanting the destruction to chase. However, the men exhibiting to degree in gluttony, outgoing in soba noodles for the shop when he destroy of this points decided for destroying the fruit shop that became of his felt down to snacked in fruit. While Sanji preparing as a employ in the Raid Suit, he wondering if he container is canning food.

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