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Let's give a big hand of applause to our beautiful contestants!
~ The Pageant Host
Yes. By the end of the day, one of these girls will be crowned, Little Miss Sunshine!
~ The Pageant Host

The Pageant Host is a minor antagonist in the comedy movie Little Miss Sunshine.

He was portrayed by Matt Winston.


He is the conductor of the entire Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant and he first comes onstage seemingly in his element and grinning a little too excited for being surrounded by a load of young girls dressed in bikinis. The Host announces the event and introduces the girls one by one, and is shown to be rather pervy with all of them because he's standing there smiling and bobbing his head in time to the music when the girls are doing their routines.

True to form, the girls are rather spooked out by the Host's antics, specially as he gets a little too close to some of them when he's singing his routine, and almost all the girls look at each other creeped out by the Host. However, the Pageant Host seems to have attracted one of the girls because the girl (see picture) is the only one not creeped out by the Host's behavior, in fact she turns round and smiles at him when he is crouching down behind her.

It is like the Host knows he's attracted her because first, when in her indecent pink bikini the girl smirks nastily at Olive when she is alarmed by the Host, and when she is doing her routine she turns round and smiles at him when she is in her bikini and she then turns round and shows her body and shoulders to everyone and it is like she was doing the routine specially for the Host. Later still, the girl is the only one who is unfazed by the Host's perversions towards them and she even defends him by staring in disbelief at the other girls who are spooked by the man, and then smiling lustfully at the Host after he tries to perversely charm Olive as if she is jealous of the attention the Host is giving Olive and would rather she herself had that attention instead. Later, to try and win the Host over, she does her best to report Olive's brother Dwayne for "trespassing" backstage, when he is just looking for his sister. She rudely asks Dwayne what he's doing backstage, and he shuts her down by shouting at her to show him to where his sister is.

However, the other girls are spooked out by the Host's behavior towards them, with Olive being specially unnerved by how close the Host gets to her. The Host is later seen again with the aforementioned girl in green, congratulating her on a dance she just performed, and when the girl leaves the stage smirking that the Host is finally giving her some attention, Olive's family come to cheer her on, and the Host finally crosses the "moral event horizon" when he gets wide eyed when watching Olive's "provocative" dance which was in reality taught by her grandfather and she, unlike the other girl in green, meant nothing provocative by it at all, just the Host in his perverted mind thinks she does, and when everyone else is hypocritically infuriated by Olive's dance, and demands her removed, the Host is the only one not infuriated, but when his boss orders Olive removed, he crosses the Horizon by running around after Olive actually trying to grab her and drag her off, which inevitably scares her father, who runs onstage and fights the Host, eventually spraining his wrist and causing him to retreat, humiliated.