The Seal of Paimon

Paimon is a demon from the Lesser Key of Solomon, one of many important texts in demonology - the ancient study of demons and occult beings, as such he can be considered a theology villain of sorts though he, like many entities described in demonology texts, has much more prominence in occult lore than mainstream theological texts.


Paimon is a demon of considerable power yet is said to be obedient to Lucifer, in all texts he is ranked as a king among spirits (save for the  Book of Abramelin, which views him as a duke) and is in command of several legions - the number of which varies from 200 to just 25. If Paimon appears alone a sacrifice must be given to summon two other demon kings named Bebal and Abalam, who always serve under him but do not always accompany him in his manifestations to other realms. In some texts Paimon is said to be a fallen Dominion but some other texts suggest he was a Cherub, like many things to do with demons the origins and nature of Paimon vary greatly depending on the researcher and the time period, in some texts he is opposed by the angel Haziel.

Most depictions of Paimon is a regal figure riding a camel and surrounded by men playing loud music, especially trumpets, Paimon may exhibit male or female qualities and the crown often switches places between Paimon and the camel itself, the demon has a hoarse voice and will always speak in his native language unless a sorcerer demands that he speak their own tongue.

Paimon has mastery over knowledge and can tell the past or future, he specializes in "forbidden" or "hidden" knowledge, he can reveal hidden treasures or bestow dignities and lordships to summoners - he can also gift sorcerers with familiar spirits that are also very knowledgeable in all things. Paimon is also a demon that is said to always speak the truth in all his dealings - in addition to his vast knowledge Paimon is said to be able to summon and dismiss vast number of spirits and spectral assistants, have knowledge of past and future events, raise the dead for several years, creating illusions, remain underwater indefinitely, command fish, levitate, clear doubts and generally accomplish any task or summon any feat by which to please the sorcerer.


  • Paimon appears as the main hidden antagonist in the 2018 supernatural horror film Hereditary, in which he is an unseen and powerful demon worshipped by a coven of evil witches, who seeks to possess the body of a vulnerable young male on earth, so he can fully manifest himself and reward his followers with wealth, power, good familiars and knowledge of all secret things. 
  • Paimon also appears in the 2014 psychological horror film Last Shift.



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