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Pain-Yatta is a supporting character in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a minor antagonist in Trap Team and Superchargers and a supporting protagonist in Imaginators. A magic trap is required to capture him.

He was voiced by Kevin Schon.


Pain-Yatta is found in Telescope Towers where he is battled and defeated. The player can then either trap him inside a Magic Trap or place him in the Villain Vault for later trapping if they don't have a Trap for him. Pain-Yatta returns in Skylanders: Superchargers as a playable racer and as a Smasher-Class Sensei in Skylanders: Imaginators. Pain-Yatta at some earlier point in his life encountered the Unocorn and befriended it. However, one day the Unocorn went missing, which gave the Doom Raiders an opportunity to trick the colorful brute into thinking that the Skylanders and Master Eon were responsible for the Unocorn disappearance. This is likely the reason why he attacks them in his first appearance (although this has yet to be confirmed). After his defeat, the Skylanders and Eon explained that they had nothing to do with his best friend's disappearance and that he had been lied to. Ever since he has been a Sensei for the Smasher Class of the Skylanders: Imaginators and he continues to search for his missing friend to this day.

Villain Quest

Pain-Yatta's Villain Quest is to escort the Gecko Chorus to the Capybara King to sell their latest hit. They only trust him as an escort (implying that he might have actually met the Gecko Chorus at some point) and they must cross through dangerous territory to get their music to Capybara King.



  • His name is obviously a combination of piñata and pain.
  • It's implied in his Villain Quest that Pain-Yatta at some point met the Gecko Chorus and the Skeletones.


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