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Painapple is rotten to the core!
~ Painapple

Painapple is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network original series, Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Dude, Where's Macaw?". He is an anthropomorphic pineapple from a Street Fighter-style video game, who always beats people up. He was brought to life by Duncan, who used a video game hack, which unleashed Painapple into the real world to beat up all the children of Total Drama Daycare.


In "Dude, Where's Macaw?", Chef Hatchet was playing a 1980's video game called Lockjaw McCaw, which he was the undefeated champion at, as indicated by his trophy. Duncan and Harold bet that he could never win a vide game from this millennium and Chef accepted the challenge. Duncan and Harold showed them the super new 2020's video game, Painapple, where the titular character would beat up other cyborg pineapples with kid-friendly minor injuries such as pinching, flicking, and minor abrasions. Chef played Painapple against the undefeated champion, Beth, and lost miserably.

Chef was bummed about losing, feeling he was too old to handle the badass new games of the new millennium but Duncan wasn't going to let him give up that easy as he wanted to let Beth lose. Duncan and Harold hacked the video game to jailbreak the Painapple character and give Chef the upper hand so that he could cheat and win. However, they made a mistake and unleashed Painapple into the real world. Painapple was finally free and celebrated his freedom by beating up Chef. Free from the restrictive video game, Painapple stopped using kid-friendly attacks and just beat the tar out of him.

Painapple then went to the playground and attacked the kids and destroyed the playground equipment. Beth found out that Chef brought Painapple to life to try and cheat and she was not happy. Beth went out to the playground and tried to beat up Painapple herself, but he was too powerful for her because of the extra powers given to him, when Duncan and Harold hacked him into a godmodded character.

Duncan, Harold, and Beth brought Lockjaw McCaw to life by hacking his video game so that he could fight Painapple but this didn't work either. Since Lockjaw McCaw was a 2D video game, he had no depth perception and lost the fight to Painapple.

Eventually, Chef had enough of the crap so he grabbed his Lockjaw McCaw trophy and mercilessly beat Painapple to death with it, crushing him to pineapple juice and killing him, displaying senseless violence right in front of the kids. Beth was amazed with Chef's heroism and declared him the official Painapple champion.


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