For me! For you! For King!
~ Pale Lurker

The Pale Lurker is a minor antagonist and optional miniboss in Hollow Knight, introduced in the Godmaster content pack. She was once the champion of the Colosseum of Fools, but was driven away from the arena when she obtained a Simple Key. Enough time has passed where she is now forgotten by the Colosseum folks. Her obsession for the key became psychotic, and she will eagerly kill anyone who attempts to take her key away.


The Pale Lurker's secret area is found behind a breakable wall opposite to the right gate of the arena. She is found in an area beyond a lake, soothing her key within her grasp. When the Knight walks up to her, the Pale Lurker lets out a loud shriek before jumping further into the area. This leads to a large rectangular arena that the Knight cannot escape from until the Pale Lurker is slain.

The Pale Lurker will not attack the Knight from afar, instead, she will only attack once they have approached close to her. She runs in the opposite direction, tossing shurikens onto the ground and ceiling. These shurikens stick to the surfaces and will disappear shortly after. She can also attack by flailing her arms. If she is chased for too long, she buries into the ground and comes out the opposite side of the arena.

Once the Pale Lurker dies, she then drops her Simple Key, one of the four found in the game. This can unlock Confessor Jiji's cave in Dirtmouth, the entrance to the Royal Waterways from below the City of Tears, the Pleasure House also in the City of Tears, or the Godseeker's Coffin in the Junkpit, allowing access to Godhome.


  • The Pale Lurker is one of the few characters in the game to be insane on her own rather than through the Infection.
  • The French and German translations of the game confirm the Pale Lurker's gender to be female.
  • There is a hidden King's Idol found in the room where the Pale Lurker is fought.
    • Along with the Pale Lurker's name and Dream Nail dialogue, this idol speculates possible similarities between her and the Pale King.


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