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Pallin Wolf is the main antagonist of the Highlander: The Series episode "The Darkness".

He was portrayed by Andrew Jackson, who also played Love Sausage in The Boys, Tim Vogel in Criminal Minds and Andrew Scott in Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms.


Pallin Wolf was a renegade Watcher, part of a group who were killing Immortals. Wolf admitted that, whilst his colleagues saw themselves as saving the human race, he killed because he got off on it. Despite this, he didn't consider Immortals human, referring to them as freaks.

Wolf's modus operandi was to kidnap a loved one of an Immortal to lure them into a trap. One of his victims was Immortal James Vincent. Wolf kidnapped his girlfriend Michelle to lure James to his house, telling her that he won by cheating. He lured Vincent into a darkened room, donning night vision goggles and easily killing Vincent in the pitch blackness by beheading him with a sword.

Wolf chose Duncan Macleod as his next target, having his associates lure him away from his shop, then tasering his friend Richie Ryan and abducting his girlfriend Tessa Noel. He kept Tessa tied up at his house and then rang Duncan, not caring that Duncan knew it was a trap since he would come anyway, and making him sweat to increase the tension. Tessa did manage to escape the house but was unable to attract the attention of a passerby and Wolf quickly recaptured her. Despite his cynicism, he was enraged when one of his associates, Billy, fell to his death during an encounter with Duncan, saying Billy had believed in what they were doing.

Wolf rang Richie and told him where he was. When Richie turned up, Wolf quickly knocked him out, then entered his kill room to await Duncan. Again, he donned the night-vision goggles and turned the lights out, preparing to kill Duncan in the darkness. Duncan managed to ignite a book of matches, momentarily blinding Wolf. In the light from the matches, Duncan easily killed Wolf.


  • Supplementary material states Wolf was a colleague of James Horton, but there is no mention of Horton in the episode.
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