Paloma Reynosa was a villain that appeared in the TV show NCIS. She is the leader of the Reynosa Drug Cartel in Mexico and is also the daughter of Pedro Hernandez, the man who killed Jethro Gibbs' wife and daughter. She later ordered Gibbs to start working for her or she would kill his family and friends. On the 25th of May, Paloma, along with two of her men attacked Jackson Gibbs` shop. However, it appears Gibbs may have warned his father about Paloma and Jackson fought back with his Winchester rifle and escaped as Paloma`s men fired on his shop.

Four months later Paloma was lured to a safe house she believed Gibbs, Jackson, and Mike Franks had taken refuge. Alejandro arrived separately, having been tricked into believing Paloma to be dead, Alejandro opened fire on the safe house with an assault rifle believing Gibbs and his father to be in it. After being arrested by NCIS it was revealed it was actually Paloma who was in the house, and Alejandro had accidentally killed his sister, possibly due to it being perhaps a trap set by NCIS. Paloma then recited the poem of the spider and the fly as her last words. She was confirmed dead in the season 10 finale when Gibb's lawyer questions him about the villains he has killed personally, asking if their deaths were really necessary. He names off : Ari Haswari, Agent Michelle Lee, Paloma Reynosa, and Harper Dearing. 

It is currently unknown what happened to the Reynosa cartel after her death. It is possible that it has either crumbled or gained a new leader.