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Pamela Morris (also called Constance Taylor and possibly Cleopatra VII) is the titular main antagonist of the Twilight Zone episode "Queen of the Nile." She is a famous movie star who refuses to admit her true age. What is known for sure about her is that she has a rare scarab beetle in her possession that can drain men of their youth and give it to her, she herself has even stated that she got the beetle from "the pharaohs, who understood its power" and that "I (she) was once Queen of the Nile" which contribute to the theory that she is Cleopatra and has been alive for 2000 years. She also has a maid named Charlotte and lives with a elderly woman named Mrs. Draper who is most likely her daughter-though there is a mutual disdain between the two.

She was portrayed by Ann Blyth.

In The Episode

Pamela first appears when syndicated columnist Jordan Herrick arrives to interview her, with Rod Serling's narration stating that Pamela's face is known in households throughout the world. During the interview, Jordan and Pamela flirt and make plans to have dinner together that night, and it's also revealed that Pamela is renowned for her beauty and youth. As Jordan leaves, Pamela's elderly "mother" Mrs. Draper warns him that Pamela is actually centuries old and she is her daughter. Jordan doesn't believe her and that night asks Pamela about her on their date. Pamela states that Mrs. Draper is senile and lets the matter drop. However, Jordan is suspicious and gets his editor to research Pamela's first movie, discovering that it was a remake of a movie starring actress Constance Taylor, who apparently died near the end of shooting in a cave-in (conveniently making it impossible to confirm without a doubt whether or not she had actually died). Jordan decides to have the editor dig up dirt on everyone Pamela has ever been with to see what happened to them, as well as noting similarities between Pamela and Constance. He then goes to confront Pamela, but she drugs him and places a scarab on his chest, draining his youth and transferring it to her, leaving Jordan as nothing more than a pile of dust and some clothes. The cycle then begins again as another young reporter comes to interview Pamela, with Rod Serling's narration playing over this scene and asking if the viewer knows her by another name from ancient Egypt, implying that she's really Cleopatra or another female pharaoh.


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